stjepo brbora

Бартcелона gallery and Stijepo Brbora have the pleasure to invite you to the Photography exhibition “Rude feelings”.

Stijepo Brbora is a free-lance Croatian photographer living in Dubrovnik. Principal theme in the scope of his artistic interest is erotic photography. Erotic is more or less the story of emotions or at least that’s what the artist believes.

 The exhibition will include 12 of his photographs and also his book “Death, Fuck, Gang, Love”

Project “Rude Feelings” does not talk about our erotic beauty or purity. It is mental provocation, stressed claustrophobia, rebellion, narcissistic voyeurism, subversion and existential orgasm.

Where every day life comes into conflict with out inner intimate world and supressed energy, where surrounding sets limits of disclosure, emerges the metaphor of “rude” emotion, which is in fact a part of us, our necessity, as socially unacceptable. Stijepo Brbora seeks to track these emotions, to rebel, demonstrate their natural existence, using places and moments which erase the imaginary lines between public and private.Twelve black and white photographs display diversity of our existence, ambivalence of the Ego but at the same time attempt at liberation.

“Rude Feelings” are intriguing curiosity that peeps in others chambers, life and thoughts  making all present feel uncomfortable.

It is discomfort that liberates.

Ivona   Brbora

Location: Bartselona gallery, Belgrade Design District,  floor I
From the 2nd until the 14th of February
Opening 19 h