salon 1905 belgrade

Entering into the restaurant Salon 1905 was like walking into an enchanted ballroom as Cinderella – it was nothing like places I have visited before. The building had a romantic and magnificent interior that seemed to be capable of casting a spell on people. By the time I entered the restaurant, via the grandiose ivory staircases with a turquoise carpet, I was transformed into someone majestic in my mind. My clothes transformed into an imaginary blue gown with a big fluffy skirt that I had to lift up to walk.

A cool glass of Italian rosé started my lunch and helped me accept the opulence I was in as my natural comfort zone. Welcoming smiles and attentive service from the waiters accelerated that convenience, and before I knew it, the Cinderella in me felt very much at home – a grandiose home with baroque interior designs. Golden leaves and flowers curled in the corners of the room, dome shaped lines enhanced the height of the ceiling, ivory walls and pillars contrasted with the bold slabs of rich red marbles and golden embellishments. The bright green palm trees positioned throughout the restaurant floors balanced the richness of the walls with the airiness of a cozy garden. A great big bar at the end of the room, lavishly stocked, loosened up the atmosphere even further with the promise of a good time.

Interior Salon 1905. All rights reserved@Tavus

When our salads, appetizers and the main meals arrived, my senses were delighted by a presentation that was luxurious but in a modern way. The tableware was simple and white and the gold and embroidery of the baroque style was absent. The focus was only on the food, as it should be. The salad was simply tossed into a bowl and needed no gold as it already glimmered with freshness. The duck was neatly stacked on top of a layer of quinoa; not in the middle of my plate, but on the side. In the middle was a bright green sauce boldly painted to perfectly match the shape of the duck. A small dot of elegant orange sauce sat delicately next to it, as if to finish a sentence.

salon 1905 belgrade
All rights reserved@Tavus

The taste of the meal equaled the visual presentation. The salads were fresh, crisp and aromatic, and had a light refreshing dressing. There was no soggy and wilted leaf in it, which indicates that the restaurant has high standards for quality. While this insight was pleasing, Salon 1905 showed its real capability in the main meal I had ordered. Warm, juicy and flavorful, the duck was one of the most delicious I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot of duck!). The crispy thin layer of fat on top was melting into the side of the browned meat as I cut into it. There was no extra and unnecessary sauce, flavor or a decorative plant on the plate. Everything was in the right amount and at the right temperature. Everything was eaten with delight, and a memory of a marvelously cooked duck was implanted in my mind forever.

luxury restaurants belgrade
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As the lunch finished, I said farewell to my imaginary gown and walked down the stairs with a smile. Stepping out of the tall wooden doors of the building, I took with me a dreamlike experience. As I rode home in a CarGo ride, I started thinking about when I could go back again. Perhaps for a romantic evening date with my husband, or for a birthday celebration with friends. Maybe on that day, I will even wear a real gown.

Address: 48 Karađorđeva St. I floor, 11000, Belgrade 


Tavus is an expat in Belgrade who is on the look out for fun tours, delicious food and kid-friendly places and events in Serbia. She has a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Early Childhood Education. Aside from teaching, she enjoys taking pictures, writing and traveling. Instagram @Tavus