About a year and a half ago, we featured an article here about the guys from Salon 5 and the fine dining revolution they seem to have caused in Belgrade. Well, they’ve done it again, only this time, they took it a few steps further.

Salon 1905 is situated in the historic Geozavod building, which is located in the centre of Belgrade’s Old town in the Savamala area. The restaurant’s name underlies the fact that the building was built in 1905, and yet still hints at its sister restaurant  which we hopefully have all become very familiar with.

salon 1905 restaurant belgrade

On entering the building, you’re greeted by friendly staff, and you make your way up the grand marble stairs  leading to the restaurant entrance. Once inside, you are immediately struck with awe  by the epochal interior which simply strikes the visitor dumb with admiration. From its impressive high ceiling, to the Baroque and Art Nouveaux blends of marble, brass and gold, one gets overwhelmed with the feeling that they’ve entered a truly opulent space, one from the likes of Paris or Vienna.

What is perhaps even more fascinating, is the fact that you feel very much at home in the midst  of all this lavish luxury. The area is divided into a bar / lounge area, decorated by a large oak bar and the dazzling colours of the various bottles in it, and the spacious yet intimate dining area.

salon 1905 restaurant belgrade

The kitchen offers meals which are still in the signature Salon style: simple but powerful. There are a few additions and upgrades to the menu, which only add to the overall royal experience. When commencing upon this culinary adventure, be sure to try the Ravioli del plin as warm starters for example, as they are to die for. The soft, juicy and exemplary roast beef for a cold starter is something out of this world too. The kitchen masters have the signature Foie gras ready, but it too has a new, and different twist. You’ll just have to try both and compare. Don’t worry though, you always have the staple T-bone steak if you ever find yourself at a gourmet crossroads for the main course.


“Reinvention keeps the classics alive” is what’s written on the Salon 1905 website, and the guys have done just that. From the awe inspiring interior, to the breath taking menu and an impressive overall experience, Salon 1905 gives Belgrade the fine dining gem of a restaurant that was long overdue. We can’t wait to go again.

Address: 48 Karađorđeva St. I floor, Geozavod building, 11000 Belgrade