In less than twelve months’ time, Salon 5 has become Belgrade’s top fine dining restaurant, catering to international and local clientele on the lookout for a supreme eating-out experience.

Located in a converted apartment of a period building in Belgrade’s historical area of Zemun, Salon 5 has quickly gained a reputation as one of the city’s superb places to wine and dine. The restaurant is run by two old friends, Nikola and Pavle. Nikola mastered the art of the restaurant business, having worked as a sous chef in Italy for almost a decade, while Pavle is an avid art collector running a successful design studio. Together, they’ve opened Salon 5 as an alternative to Belgrade’s current restaurant scene, serving the finest Italian cuisine in an intimate and refined atmosphere.

‘We want our guests to feel at home’, says Nikola, as he leans back in a 1950s Hansen chair, surrounded by vintage European film mags, cookbooks, and travel guides. ‘We’d like them to enjoy a complete experience from the moment they pass through the door’.

It feels comfy and cozy, indeed. This is not your average cool-looking restaurant. It looks more like a private dining room but without the pomp. The overall impression inside is one of elegance and warmth. The space is fitted with classic Italian and Scandinavian furniture, paintings of eminent artists of the Modernism period hanging on the walls absorbed in soporific sounds ranging from Brazilian bossa and 1960s jazz to the more contemporary ambient electronica.

salon 5

In case you’re not in two minds about what your pick off the food menu will be, Bob is there to assist you. No matter how packed it gets inside, Salon 5’s only one waiter is at your disposal, somehow knowing well before what a customer fancies having at each particular point in time.

We recommend that you start with some fizzy white wine before tasting a slice of foie gras. Yes, it’s the same foie gras everyone in Belgrade seems to be talking about. Lush and creamy, with melting flavors that will make your taste buds go mad. We suggest you share this piece of information with your dining partner, as this Salon 5 special is known to be for the indulgent and the convivial kind.

salon 5 food

In case you feel like dipping into some hot starters, you might like to choose between the homemade Italian Ravioli with Ricotta cheese and Pappardelle with boletus or go for the classic – Tagliatelle al Ragu which tastes like a summer morning in Palermo. And then for the main course, go heavyweight. The medium-grilled Costata Fiorentina is a winner. With juices dripping off the bones almost like honey, it’s something that Frank Underwood would kill for on his lunch break.

salon 5 food

‘No fancy recipes’, says Pavle. We prefer the real thing. Simple, but powerful. Our guys in the kitchen measure their performance on the grill in a matter of seconds. In the end, it’s all about attention to detail. I believe this kind of dedication and quality is what got us first place on the Trip Advisor website.

Dedication and quality are what best sum up the Salon 5 ethos. Word of mouth and recommendations on social media have brought the restaurant to the top of Belgrade’s dining scene. But that’s not what the owners are most proud of. Nikola prefers to quote Maurizio, one of their Italian customers, finger-licking after a mouth-watering Friday dinner:Man, this doesn’t taste like my mum’s pasta. It tastes like my grandmas’ pasta”

Working hours from Wednesday to Sunday 

15 h- 00:30 h

Address: Avijatičarski Trg 5, Zemun, 11000 Belgrade 

Reservations +381 64 549 6833