A new fine dining restaurant opened next to BITEFArtCafe in the neighbourhood of Palilula. This concept of a bar and a club right next to each other in the same venue reminds me of Berlin’s club Cookies and vegetarian restaurant Cookie Cream in Mitte. However, this pre – party place that works from 1 pm to midnight tends to be more of a  Belgrade style where you can eat a melange of eastern and western tastes and brace yourself  for a night out in BitefArtCafé.

Enso is a sleek and chic restaurant with wooden features  that prevail in  its interior design. Menus are in form of tablets with pictures and discrete  unobtrusive recommendations of food specialities and wine which complements  each meal.

enso resturant

Mixtures of tastes are there to enjoy at your fingertips.  Helpings  tend to be  somewhat small, but delicious, so you can start with a refreshing Asian soup with coco milk with chicken, coriander and lemon grass, and then move to pork tenderloin, first cooked under vacuum, and finished in the butter with sage, with cubes of pork belly. It is served on a ragout lenses, with kale and then off  to snickers cake for desert.

We would also recommend octopus and tartar steak as a main course.  If you are at a loss  what to order just take a tasting menu that offers several dishes.

enso resturant

Enso is something new, bold and original at the Belgrade gastronomic scene and definitely worth your while.

Address: 8 Mitropolita Petra St, 11000 Belgrade