From ancient times to the present day, humanity has relied on the art of grafting, a process enabling the cultivation of superior varieties of fruit. Within this process, the Scion (Plemka), representing a noble plant part, is integrated into another plant, fostering a union that yields a new, elevated plant of higher quality.

In a parallel manner, this artistry, utilizing the scion, has long permeated the realm of design. It facilitates the creation of novel objects, imbued with enhanced aesthetic, functional, and utilitarian value, drawing upon esteemed design models.

Amidst the epoch of mass production and the omnipresence of design solutions across diverse domains, the SCION (Plemka) Project endeavors to imbue each exhibited piece with a narrative that resonates with both the user and ourselves. Rooted in tradition and sustainability, the conceptualized designs exhibit functional integrity, rendering them applicable in both contemporary and future contexts.

The works showcased at the Salone Satellite 2024 exhibition encapsulate the essence of the Furniture Design 2 course, situated within the third semester of the Master’s program in Spatial Design at the Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies, Department of Art and Design.

Jugoslava Kljakić Donić, Supervisor of the SCION Project, Senior Lecturer of Vocational Studies in the field of Arts, Department of Art and Design, BAPUSS

Andjela Tasković – KITE

Simplicity defines its design; composed of wooden planks and cylindrical clamps, augmented by an additional wooden ring facilitating height adjustment in furniture design. Central to its design is modularity, empowering users to craft diverse configurations utilizing identical components. The adjustable clamps facilitate rotational movement, thereby enhancing organizational flexibility. Assembly is straightforward, necessitating no additional tools. Versatile in adaptation, KITE seamlessly transitions from private to public spaces, serving as both a shelf and a bench, thus embodying functionality and aesthetics without bounds.

Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 27 cm

Andjela Tasković – DUDA

Footstools transcend mere functionality to embody artistic expressions, infusing homes with organic warmth. Crafted from sustainable materials, they exude comfort and authenticity. The tactile pleasure of the wooden surface unveils natural textures and patterns. Their graceful contours, inspired by natural elements, epitomize the timeless allure of modern design, rendering them ideal complements to diverse interiors. Offering multifunctionality, footstools are available in two dimensions, serving as both seating and side tables.

Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 35 cm / 35 x 12 x 25 cm

Andjela Tasković – MODUL

Engineered for practicality and user-friendliness, MODUL comprises a robust sponge core enveloped in textile upholstery. Its adaptability enables the creation of various configurations utilizing identical modules, affording users the freedom to customize according to their needs. Formations are effortlessly achieved through rotation and interconnection, obviating the need for tools. Swift reconfiguration facilitates seamless adaptation across diverse environments. Aesthetically appealing and functional, MODUL epitomizes an ideal solution for those seeking practicality and flexibility in spatial organization.

Dimensions: 35 x 105 x 70 cm

Marina Isailović – HORA

Drawing inspiration from tradition and the venerable heritage of Greek mythology, the captivating Hora collection pays homage to the Horae, goddesses symbolizing time, harmony, and life. Meticulously researched and interpreted, each element of the Hora collection undergoes a metamorphosis, infusing the symbolism of light and beauty into their forms, evoking the essence of vitality and vitality. More than mere functional objects, the lamps of this collection serve as embodiments of life and vitality, meticulously crafted to convey profound meaning and philosophical depth. Every facet of Hora has been meticulously curated to convey a narrative rich in symbolism, symbolizing the multifaceted tapestry of human existence.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 34 cm

Ana Marija Ćuća – SRP

The SRP (Sickle) seat draws inspiration from one of the oldest agricultural tools, revered in Slavic mythology for its protective and defensive properties against malevolent forces. Adorned with sashes discovered in a school attic, handcrafted by students four decades ago under the tutelage of art teacher Miloš Popović, SRP embodies the essence of Serbian mythology. These sashes, fashioned using the “Kosovo stitch,” feature motifs emblematic of Serbian folklore. Paying homage to tradition, SRP seamlessly merges heritage with contemporary design sensibilities, encapsulating a narrative rich in cultural significance and historical resonance.

Larisa Pop Rajačić – VOSHA

Titled “The Light from the Rooftops of Vojvodina,” VOSHA encapsulates the rich tapestry of cultural diversity prevalent in the golden plains of Serbia. Beneath the traditional Vojvodina rooftops, a myriad of identities, customs, and traditions converge, imbuing the region with its distinctive character. Symbolizing the nexus between functionality and aesthetics, VOSHA lamps emulate the timeless elegance of Vojvodina architecture, seamlessly integrating into diverse interiors with their understated design and subtle materialization.

Lamp dimensions: 40 x 20 x 5 cm


The Kilimica footstool pays homage to the ornamental intricacies of Pirot carpets, epitomizing the harmonious blend of tradition and functionality. Symbolizing wisdom and aristocracy, this piece of furniture exudes cultural richness, featuring a traditional pattern rendered in 3D relief. Crafted from solid wood, the Kilimica footstool ensures stability and durability, offering both safety and comfort. Infusing homes with the spirit of tradition, its versatile design enables users to personalize their space, fostering a sense of individuality and warmth.

Dimensions: 22 x 28 x 28 cm

Srdjan Radanović – MEKO

The MEKO lamp epitomizes elegance and sophistication, serving as a refined addition to any residential or professional setting. Comprising a solid oak wood base and a handcrafted lampshade fashioned using the papier-mâché technique, each MEKO lamp is a unique masterpiece, exuding warmth and charm. Blending natural materials with meticulous craftsmanship, this elegant luminary creates a welcoming ambiance, enriching any environment with its understated allure.

Dimensions: base 15 x 15 x 15 cm / changeable lampshade

Kristina Vasović – FOLDER

The Folder shelf embodies modularity and versatility, serving dual functions as both a storage solution and a spatial divider. Comprising a metal structure and mobile elements termed “folders,” this modular system allows for infinite configurations tailored to individual preferences. Folders can be positioned in various orientations, imbuing each shelf with a distinct character and empowering users with organizational freedom. Crafted from plastic-coated metal circular profiles and veneered plywood, the Folder system seamlessly combines durability with aesthetic appeal.

Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 200 cm