Scrape project will premier in Belgrade, at BITEF theatre on the 17th of June at 8 pm. 

Scrape is the research and creative project inspired by actions in which human body  is inhabited by a variety of cultural references, social relations and needs. The authors started from the research of their own body images, but also from different points from which human body can be conceive, and how to produce bodies which have a particular function in a social context. They also reflect on how we conceive others and how significant is this in psychological, cultural and social context. This research has resulted in the visual field with constant playing with the light, with things can or can not be seen, findings about others, and about all those marginal areas of our personal and collective experience.

Concept and choreography of the performance signs Jovana Rakić choreographer and anthropologist, whereas Marko Pejović, dramaturge, psychologist, art theorist and theater practitioner whose principles of analysis of dance  were used in the process of creating of this performance and are exposed in his book “Four discursive point of dance practices“. The authors were also encouraged to reflect about the meaning of interrupted continuous movement, and how is possible to be subversive in relation to the constant pressure for progress and development.

In the focus of previous work of  author project’s was the relationship between space and time in the choreography, presented by movement, storytelling, body position and meditation. After practicing  with  these concepts, she became interested in the potential of the human body to accumulate and remember the content which was acquired spontaneously. Scrape traces for physical content, which was adopted under the influence of the situation and the circumstances in which subject was founded before.

The basis of this project, lie on art practice that the authors of the show were dealing with  in the last few years. The project relies on the practice of creating dance expression through personal choices and dancers decisions, testing the position in a wider social context, reflecting the interests and values in the relation to the context in which artists gathered in this project, live and work.

Concept and choreography: Jovana Rakić

Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović

Performance and artistic collaboration: Jana Milenković, Milica Pisić, Natascha Schmelz

Sound design: Bojan Palikuća

Costume: Boris Čakširan

Graphic design: Katarina Popović

PR: Sanja Ljumović

Production: Ksenija Đurović

Co-production: Station Service for contemporary dance with the support of  Departures and Arrivals (DNA) network through the Creative Europe programme, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Bitef Theatre, Magacin in Kraljevića Marka 4 and Dom kulture Studentski grad