stevan kojic
Gallery 12 New Media Hub  
07/03/2014 to 21/03/2014

The Opening of the exhibition will be held on 7th of March in 7p.m.

Four years ago, the artist began exploring the relationship between individual, society, technology and nature in the laboratory of “self-sustaining system of the absurd”, which was composed of a number of interrelated and interdependent “bio- technology” segments. These were originally simple structures in which the plants were influencing the electronics and vice versa, without any specific, utilitarian purpose. Over time, these structures were multiplied and their relationships were getting complicated, but the result always remained utterly useless. With further growth of complexity, development and home testing, the system gained the characteristics of habitat expanding on the elements of everyday life. In the parasitic symbiosis of everyday environment of the artist (bed, car, shower), electronic waste and other living organisms, a new kind of alternative bio-social habitat was created with the potential for further expansion and transformation.


Author’s Biography:

Stevan Kojić (1973, Kikinda) has BA and MA of Sculpture Department on Faculty of Fine Arts. He is an Associate Professor on the Department of New Art Media on Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad and the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje. His main interest is research of a relationship between art, society, science and technology through analog/digital, biology/technology, ecology/economy, low-tech/hi-tech, open/closed systems, time/space, virtual/realistic etc.