digitalni nomad srbija

The Tourist Organization of Serbia has presented a new tourist product “Serbia, open office”. This product is intended for travelers (digital nomads) who want to do business outside their place of permanent residence, i.e. at a new destination for a longer period of time, and to use their free time for exploration.

“New circumstances, even before the pandemic, and especially at the time of global closure, show that it is possible to be out of the office during working hours.

The possibility to work remotely, which has become a practice in many companies around the world, has enabled even greater mobility for so-called digital nomads. New professions have joined the group of travelers who can work and enjoy themselves outside the place of residence. Translators, online instructors, web designers, content creators, online advisors and professors, fitness trainers, consultants and other tech profesionals.

The office, as we have learned, does not have to be static, in one place, with solid walls. If we can take work with us, we can also move the office, arrange it to our liking, move it to the mountain, the riverbank, to the heart of the metropolis… Always in a safe environment.

We have also learned that Serbia can be a good place for an office, and for a good time after work”.


The conditions for entrance into Serbia depend on epidemiological circumstances in our country but also those in the countries that tourists are coming from.

The entrance, travelling around and stay of foreign citizens in Serbia is regulated by the Law on Foreigners.

A foreign citizen may stay in the Republic of Serbia for a short period of time, on the basis of a visa for a longer stay, temporarily (up to one year) or permanently.

A short-term stay is a stay without a visa for up to 90 days in any period of 180 days counting from the day of the first entry, unless otherwise specified by an international agreement, as well as a stay on the basis of a visa for a shorter period.

A visa for a longer stay is the approval for entry and stay in Serbia for a period of 90 to 180 days to a foreigner who needs a visa in accordance with the visa regime and who intends to submit a request for a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Serbia.

More about the conditions of entry and stay in the Republic of Serbia at: