Beyond House is a party serial and a music collective from Belgrade specialized in pure underground dance music with depth and soul. Currently, their studio is situated in the Savamala where the  guys often throw small parties for friends. Their music orientation varies from techno to acid and house to disco.  You can find them in local clubs such as Drugstore, 20/44 boat and bar, KC Grad, etc but also sometimes on festivals in Serbia and around Balkans. DJs: Doo, Ognjem, Vitanov, Vemic, Damir Zekiri & Ali Guney.

Disco not Disco is one of the most famous party serials and collectives from Belgrade. Their parties are hosted by 20/44 boat on the Sava river. Resident DJs Brka, Schwabe and Toshke often invite special guests from the international underground scene. Their music selection varies from slow-mo, disco to house and Yugoslav curioties. Brka is a very well known record digger and one of the most respectable figures in the Serbian scene.

Soul Print is one of our favorite deep house labels and collectives. One can enjoy their sophisticated sounds, mixes and charts in various bars and restaurants in Belgrade, from Sunday’s in Przionica to Dijagonala restaurant and Deli bars. Residents: Petko, DJP and Akioki.

 Banda Panda is a local DJ collective made of Johana and Dusan Lilic both of whom are designers and music lovers. Their music selection ranges from acid and techno to oriental and deep sounds.You can hear Banda Panda’s music in bars such as 20/44 bar, Przionica, Nixon, Mladost and clubs such as KC Grad, Drugstore and 20/44.

Miss Tijana T, a former music journalist and PR of Exit festival is currently the most prospective Serbian DJ. She travels around the globe; you can catch her on Sonus Festival or in some of New York’s or Berlin’s clubs.  When she is in Belgrade Tijana usually plays in Drugstore and 20/44 boat. Her style has as of recent been focused on techno and acid and darker sounds.