On the 21st of July Drugstore club will be hosting Sev Dah from Sweden. Local support will be provided by Filip Xavi, Kristijan Molnar, Kaen and DNO MORA. Find FB event here. That night will make no exception.
Bringing you the Balkans’ finest of techno, as you would expect.

SEV DAH (Mote Evolver/Proletarijat) SWE
Berlin, Detroit, Birmingham and, of course, Sarajevo.
Bosnian-built and bred Sev Dah may be a Swedish expat, but the Balkan blackness clings strongly to the bleak percussions and rigidly uneasy synthetics that unwillingly fuse into his strongly individual take on techno. Authentically purveying the pulsations of the nakedly throbbing and ugly world, far away from Starbucks and H&M. Signed to respected labels such as Random Island, Mote-Evolver, Komisch and Frozen Border sub-label Naked Index, he quickly gnawed his way into the scene’s core of DJs and producers until he eventually launched his own label Proletarijat in 2016. Like a rabid mongrel endlessly chewing and belching new bastard beats as if they were aching to scream out, Sev Dah became over the years a profuse source of high-profile vinyl releases. With influences ranging from Stigmata and Mills to Master Reese and Petar Dundov, Sev Dah is a versatile but headstrong DJ that can gently ease a thumb in at midnight or fervently thrust it down the hatch at peak time.

FILIP XAVI (Subsist / Sonntag Morgen )
Filip Xavi is recognized as one of the true pillars of the local contemporary techno scene. As a rebel against genre and trend confinements he was always attracted to the more cerebral and darker side of techno. His own recognizable style rests on manipulation of hypnotic and abstract musical structures, combining them with relentless rhythm sections of drums and percussions.
As resident of Belgrade’s techno mecca, club “Drugstore”, over the past two years he hosted and played alongside names such as: Rodhad, DVS1, Dasha Rush, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Phase, Dimi Angelis, Ancient Methods, Shifted, Stanislav Tolkachev, Adam X, Elektrabel… This sequence of events led to the multiple invitations to Berlin’s legendary Tresor club back in August 2014 and November 2015.
>>>> https://soundcloud.com/filip_xavi

Kristijan Molnar is one of the favourite DJs of the Belgrade audience, and a master sorcerer who somehow, always comes up with the wonder drug for a tonic and crowded party. Primarily known and respected for his Christallization Radio show, Kristijan is devoted to promoting gripping and exciting acts and broadcasting a wide range of saucy music – from deep techno, twisted disco, NYC house, weirdo-dark and modern wave, to bitter beats or sweet soul. A fusion of dance music from all around the world can be heard in his bang-up all-nighters, performed mainly in Belgrade’s Drugstore and 20/44 or in Zagreb’s Masters where he holds the residency.
Along his career, he shared the DJ booth with big and mighty names such as Black Coffee, Âme, Rødhåd, Dixon, Morphosis, Jeff Mills, Red Axes, Tale of Us, Job Jobse and many more. Being jauntily versatile, always positive, and describing himself as a primarily curious DJ, he will never fail to spice up the gig and create a smashing atmosphere for a broad range of audience.
>>> https://soundcloud.com/kristijanmolnar

Perhaps it is Kaen’s suspicion of the word that eventually lead him to resort to music as the most powerful means of communication – meant to resonate without meaningless ambiguity, to the very core of his audience’s body and soul. Turning their guts upside down. Insidiously crawling under their skin, until they find themselves wiggling at pace with the frantic beat of the drums, without truly knowing why. Reader, don’t fool yourself: you are in for one hell of a techno ride, and Kaen shall show no mercy.
>>> https://www.facebook.com/kaen91/

Translated from Serbian, Dno (bottom) Mora (sea/must/[night]mare) means “the bottom of the sea”, as if we were to dive into a sea where hitting rock bottom (lowest point) would be a “must” and, at the same time, a “nightmare” on its own. The bottom of the sea is the place of ghostly silence and high pressure that can break the hardest metals but at the same time is the ecosystem for the most fragile lifeforms. That’s the metaphor for the style and idea behind the work of this young local producer and DJ who has released solo EPs and appeared as a guest on various compilations under different aliases. As DNO MORA he released material on several obscure compilations alongside with bedroom producers working in the realm of experimental industrial techno.
>>> https://soundcloud.com/dnomora