You have decided to go shopping while exploring Belgrade? No worries, since the article Shopping list part II (see Shopping in Belgrade Part I) will provide you with another 10 suggestions of local products that might be worth your attention.

Salto, a Belgrade craft beer brewery has released a new beer- STOUT. This one is creamy and flavorsome ale. Feel the aftertaste of hazelnut, chocolate, and coffee and get to know one of the finest local craft beer brands. Salto can be purchased at the price of 2 to 3 euros in local bars such as Ljubimac and Zaokret in Cetinjska St.

A traditional recipe for delicious jam (Serb. pekmez or dzem) made of one of the biggest Serbian exports- plum. This local product makes a perfect combination with pancakes whether traditional, or American, and toast for breakfast and brunch.

High quality and full of flavor, Granny’s secret can be purchased at almost all bigger supermarkets at the price of 3 euros.

If you are looking for a cool, local t-shirt brand you are at the right place. Kezvez, combines high-quality cotton t-shirts with unique embroidery. The depictions of cotton are various, ranging from sun and cacti to more abstract ones.

Kezvez can be purchased on Instagram at the price of 35e per item.

Ira bags is another slow-fashion local brand. Bags are durable and minimalist and perfect for daily use. You can choose your favorite shape and material, there are several on disposals such as leather rucksack, waist packs, and shopping bags. Ira bags are available online. The prices start from 30 euros.

wine tasting belgrade


Get a sip of one of the finest local rose wines-Pink Punk. Hailing from the Fruska gora’s Chichateau winery, Pink punk includes aromas of raspberry, currant, orange peel. The freshness of the scent indicates the stability of the acids, well incorporated. One icy glass of this Serbian rose will make your summer worth remembering.
Not to mention that it has a super cool bottle design. This pink rebel can be purchased in Fino wino wine shop at the price of 9 euros.


Cao sugar, natural cookies, and cake without additional sugar are available at the price ranging from 1 to 30 euros. Delicious, creamy and healthy products are available at 15 Rige od Fere Street in Dorcol historical. Do not hesitate to try Chocolate- cherry cake or maybe Blueberry pistachio.

Another environmental-friendly, but also fashionable product comes from My bicycle (Serb. Moj bicikl) brand that produces custom-made bicycles. Take a ride through Belgrade riverfronts and be noticed with this local product. Bicycles are not just eye-catching, but comfortable and durable as well. Prices start from 350e per item. The website is available here.

Discover the Belgrade street art scene through a Belgrade Street art walking tour and try learning graffiti and stencil art by yourself in a street art workshop that is held in the former industrial zone of the Lower Dorcol. The duration of the tour with workshop is 3 hours. This tour is available at the price of 20e per person or 30e per person with a workshop.

Hailing from Belgrade Urban Distillery Branko premium plum rakia (Serbian brandy) offers an exquisite taste for lovers of this old Arab beverage. This plum brandy comes from the distillation of four plum varieties that has matured in oak barrels for 10 years. Branko rakia can be found in Belgrade Urban Distillery at the price of 39 euros per bottle.

Nusprodukt, (Eng. By-product) is a Belgrade-based brand of hand-made lamps, made by designer Sara Devic. The lamps are often made from materials found on flea markets, Chinese shops, different workshops, and online second-hand shops. Each of the lighting installations comes from a special collection e.g. “Cabinet of wonders”, “All that sugar”…Collections include table and floor lamps in different shapes and materials. Each Nusprodukt lamp appears as a genuine masterpiece suitable for all interior types. Nusprodukt items can be found online and purchased at the price starting from 30e.