cutting board design

You have decided to go shopping while exploring Belgrade? No worries, since this article will provide you with 10 suggestions of local products that might be worth your attention.

Ajvar is a fragrant pepper paste that goes well if served with soft cheeses and pork to name but a few or simply spread onto a slice of bread for any meal. Ajvar can be sweet or spicy representing ‘a queen’ amongst the winter salads. It tends to be a staple food in the family meals and/or feasts of almost any sort throughout the year no local seems to be able to do without.
Thus, our warm suggestion is ajvar “Bakina tajna” (in Eng. “a Grandma secret”), a must-try local product. Bakina tajna ajvar can be purchased almost in all bigger supermarkets in town at the price of 550 RSD.

Dasska is super designed cutting board made of solid wood. Each piece is unique and makes you want to become the best chef in the world. Different shapes and colors are on sale and you can even buy dasska in the shape of a letter.
This cutting board is available online at the price of 45 euros.

Unisex hoodies with a witty slogan “YugoSick” (inspired by the sickness of Yugonostalgia, and a counterpart of Yugochic brand) are a part of a collection of streetwear brand Zla Zla. This is a well-established local streetwear brand that operates hand in hand with Zla Shtek’s smart shop.
Yugosick hoodies can be purchased online at the price of 2990 RSD.

Sexy hand-made lingerie accessories for women are made by a local designer Selena Radojkovic. Most of the products have adjustable features to ensure comfort.
Selena’s lingerie accessories can be purchased online. The prices are available upon request.


Another must-have on your shopping list is a bottle of one of the finest amongst Serbian wines “Tri Morave”.

Tri Morave originates from the fertile region of Sumadija that gave birth to a local winery Temet. Whether choose rose, red, or white you definitely won’t make a mistake.
Tri Morave can be purchased in wine shops at the price of 990 RSD.


Local brand Handsome bags designs and produces high-quality bags from water-proof material. I have mine from 2017 and guess what it looks brand new. There are a variety of colors and shapes so you can pick your favorite.
The handsome bag can be purchased online for the price of 2000-3000 RSD.

Bubble tea knedla is a super delicious local product. Knedla is somewhat like a dumpling, but this one is made of semolina with a filling of kinder Bueno and almonds inside.

At least, that’s our favorite. There are other flavors of bubble tea knedla.
This delicious product can be purchased at Venizelosova 20 at the price of 130 RSD.

Serbian designers Flame furniture are producing and designing stunning furniture made of solid wood, but also other materials such as concrete or steel. Their catalog is full of genuine pieces of furniture, but our favorite is definitely a painted wooden stool, that can also serve as a table.
More information on Flame furniture and its products are available online.

This is not a local product, but Sade is always a great choice. So, you can purchase a Best of Sade album (vinyl) in the local record store Yugovinyl. In case you don’t have so refined taste, don’t worry since you can find a bunch of different music in this cool shop.
The records can be purchased at the price of 2000 RSD and higher at Yugovinyl.

In the end, we have kept the most expensive local product on our shopping list. It’s Urbigo, an innovative and smart way to grow plants in your home, even if you are traveling around the world for 3 weeks. Urbigo is a smart flowerpot that works through a mobile app.
Urbigo starter kit can be purchased at the price of 125 e. Order online.