13 International Artists on Expedition in Belgrade and Athens:

Belgrade: September 9 – 15
Athens: September 19 – 27


Each year some time late summer, Sound Development City organizes a three-week expedition to two European cities, during which the selected artists work on individual projects. The fourth expedition will take place in Belgrade and Athens from September 9 – 27, 2015. An international jury selected 13 participants from 11 countries out of a total of 502 applicants from 63 countries. The jury evaluated the applications based on artistic quality and originality, as well as their research-based approach.


The Sound Development City Artist Expedition will set up its headquarters at Belgrade’s new media art space Gallery 12 HUB. With its aim to promote cross media and interdisciplinary approaches to art production and interpretation, as well as its engagement in connecting the local with the international art scene, G12HUB is an ideal partner for Sound Development City. Milica Pekić, curator and jury member speaks about the expedition format:

“I think it offers a great opportunity for artists to work together in a new environment, which can stimulate new experiences and inspiration. It also provides a challenging model of work, an intense period dedicated solely to research, collaboration and production.”

The Sound Development City artists will work on their projects out of the gallery. Additionally, G12HUB and other cultural institutions will host public events. An overview can be found on the following pages.


Sound Development City is a project by Sound Development, a non-commercial and independent cultural initiative based in Zurich, Switzerland. Sound Development City aims to inspire through practical experiences and enables a close exchange between artists of various backgrounds.

The expedition format was developed in collaboration with Heller Enterprises, an agency for cultural projects. Sound Development City is financed by Sound Development and organized by Heller Enterprises.

Sound Development: http://sound-development.com
Heller Enterprises: http://hellerenter.ch


September 10 – 15, 2015, daily noon – late
Luka Ivanović (RS), Friedrich Greiling & Sven Ulber (DE)

Taxis are an unimposing, but vital element in any larger city’s transport system. During the ride, individuals – driver and passenger – share a destination, and sometimes stories and thoughts as well. From September 10 to 15, 2015, a unique taxi service will be offered in Belgrade: International artists participating in the Sound Development City Artist Expedition are on the road in the city, offering free rides to anyone in return for personal engagement in the form of a story, a sound, a song or a sample. Feel free to bring your instrument.

Luka Ivanović: 064 280 2012
Friedrich Greiling & Sven Ulber: 062 1465580

Friday, September 11, 21:00
SCREENING: “STYLE WARS 2” by Veli & Amos (SI/CH)
Followed by a Q&A with the directors

Cinema Zvezda
Terazije 40, Belgrade

30 years after the legendary graffiti documentary “Style Wars”, Slovenian-Swiss artist duo Veli & Amos discovered an image of a subway car with the words imprinted “Style Wars 2” on the internet. Intrigued, the duo head out – penniless – to find the  author of the graffiti . Their journey leads them from Europe to the USA and the Middle East, through galleries and war zones, in search of the street art world of our time. An allusive, highly entertaining graffiti documentary reflecting on topics such as subculture, lifestyle and the interconnectedness of politics and art.


Sunday, September 13, 11:00 – 17:00
with Rowan de Freitas (UK)

Gallery 12 Hub
KARAĐORĐEVA 59,  Belgrade

UK-based artist Rowan de Freitas uses analogue film to create experimental and collective projects. She has developed strategies to use public spaces to process her films. The day-long workshop offers a chance to experiment with celluloid film and developing techniques, to learn about basic 16mm filmmaking techniques with playful and experimental approach.

Registration: map_of_discontent@gmail.com
Participants: maximum 10
Cost: free (mandatory registration via E-mail)



Monday, September 14, 10:00 – 18:00
smellWALK by Klara Ravat (ES/DE)

What’s the scent of Belgrade? The smellWALK is a day-long excursion, workshop and experiment around Belgrade. During this route, the workshop participants will be pursuing the scents and smells that the city seems to be enveloped in. After the tour and the recollection of odorous finds and aromatic components, the fragrance will be extracted by means of traditional distillation methods. The journey will be wrapped up in a discussion point.

Sing up: barrufetaclara@gmail.com
Participants: 8 – 10 maximum
Location: Announcement after registration
Cost: free (mandatory registration via E-mail)

Facebook-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/872437906144576/872444039477296/

Monday, September 14, 19:00

Join us on a culinary expedition with foods from around the globe and artistic performances.

13 international artists have been selected to participate in the 4th Sound Development City Artist Expedition, taking place in Belgrade and Athens from September 9 – 27. Coming from as far away as Bolivia, Canada or Spain, and as close as Belgrade itself, the artists form an expedition group sharing a common flair for experimentation, research and openness. The expedition’s artist and team will join forces to create a rich buffet of foods originating from several continents. The evening will be accompanied by artistic performances.

GRAD – European centre for culture and debate
Brace Krsmanovic 4, Belgrade


Project descriptions and biographies of all participating artists can be found on the Sound Development City website.