Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, 14 Pariska St

May 22- June 28, 2015

Artists: Ana Knežević, Nemanja Lađić, Marko Marković
Curator: Žaklina Ratković

The exhibition “Spaces of Excessivity” presents authors who deal in their artistic practice in a specific way with the notion of space. With different approaches, the artists problematize the reception of space, its structure, homogeneity, plans. Through the works of Ana Knežević, Nemanja Lađić and Marko Marković, the exhibition poses a number of questions, like the ones that explore the relation between the flow of time and the spatial components, the kinds of spaces/places we remember, and the ones in which we dwell in the present. Are spaces special entities with their own memory, created through time by the activities of its users, by inscription of symbolic meanings? What are the possibilities of surface going out into space, and vice versa, of transformation of spatial constants of a three-dimensional object/space into an accumulation of lines/data at the surface? There is also the question whether the notion of utopia, as an unrealized ideal, as a place that exists nowhere, has been replaced by Foucault’s concept of heterotopia, a specific arrangement pattern, a space outside of any concrete place, another space, a space of excessevity.

The exhibition likewise explores the relationship between the concept of time and the concept of space, what are the modalities of relations space – light – sound, the way in which a work of art occupies space, and whether art is a space of excessivity.

Ana Knežević (Belgrade, 1976) Graduated painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2002 in class of Slobodan Roksandić. Studied painting at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 2003/04. She mainly engages in light/sound installations, as well as drawing and painting. She has realized several projects in public spaces and had numerous group and independent exhibitions, among others, in Boston in 2003 and in Paris in 2009. Ana Knežević has won several awards including award Artslink in New York. Currently she is living and working in New York City. More about the artist at

Nemanja Lađić (Belgrade, 1984) Studied sculpure at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade from 2003 until 2009 in class of Mrđan Bajić. Studied the Transmedia programme at the Faculty od Fine Arts in Sint-Lukas in Brussel. Does video work. Held several independent and took place in numerous group exhibitions in the country and abroad. He participated in several study programs, among others, in Italy in 2005, 2008 and 2009, at the Summer Academy in Salzburg in 2010 and in Norway in 2015. More about the artist at

Marko Marković (Belgrade, 1984) Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in class of  Mrđan Bajić. He engages in media of sculpture and drawing. Had several independent exhibitions, among others, at the Cultural City Network in Graz in 2009 at the Kulturfestival in Austria, and he is also a participant of numerous group exhibitions. He is a winner of several awards and recognitions, among which is the prize for drawing of the “Vladimir Veličković” Fund in 2008.