strawberry energy

“With the aim to provide a more complete service to users of our solar-powered street furniture, we take pride in  announcing a partnership with Aircharge wireless charging solutions. Our utmost wish is to make communication as easy as possible. And what could be easier than just placing your mobile phone on a bench to top up its battery? From now on, all of our charging units will be enhanced with at least two wireless chargers developed by Aircharge. This will enable users who do not happen to have a charging cable to plug into a USB port, or alternatively those who do not want to plug their mobile devices into  inbuilt charging cords, to simply place their Qi compatible and certificated mobile devices on the designated area on the bench to start charging.


Strawberry energy and Aircharge share the same vision: to provide a more convenient  and easy to use charging experience for people while away from home in public environment. The cooperation between our two companies is a natural step towards delivering  added value for people in our cities”, said Milos Milisavljevic, Strawberry Energy CEO.

“We foster  better communication by harnessing clean solar energy, but we do not stop there. We are attentive to what our users  and clients have to say  and act upon in line with what we hear and learn from them. That is how the idea of implementing Aircharge came to be.  People can now  feel at ease while their Qi compatible mobile phone is charging on the Strawberry Smart Bench. The wireless charging pad also goes to say that there will be much  less maintenance, with no cables to be replaced.”

“Strawberry energy smart benches are a crucial addition to the wireless power ecosystem”, said Ryan Sanderson, Commercial Development Manager at Aircharge and chair of the Infrastructure Applications Group (IAG) for the Wireless Power Consortium. “These solutions offer a self-sustainable off-grid system which generates 100% of its energy from renewable sources, allowing consumers to top up their batteries in the way which tends to be  friendly to the environment”.

st belgrade

               The very first Strawberry smart bench in NT park in Belgrade 

The cooperation will be extended online, as users of the Aircharge wireless charging locator app will have a more densely covered network of charging points with the addition of Strawberry Smart Bench locations. The Strawberry energy app will also feature the Aircharge logo. As both Aircharge and Strawberry energy networks increase, availability of  energy will no longer be a serious issue in London.

If your mobile phone does not  seem to have wireless charging capabilities, do not despair, Aircharge has a range of wireless charging accessories on the ready which  can be used to charge almost any phone including MFi (made for iPhone) certified phone cases.

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