Tuesday, 28/10/2014, 21 : 00

KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovica, Savamala, 11000 Belgrade

Talbot is Estonian duo formed back in 2008. Their music is combination of sludge/drone heaviness with plenty of psychedelic layers on top, produced with minimalist approach yet very massive sounding. So far they have released two full length albums, with last year’s “Scaled” receiving great reviews from both fans and critics alike. Original drummer Jarmo Nuutre decided to pursue full time career as a tattoo artist and graphic designer after successful 2013. European tour on which they played on legendary Roskilde festival among others. Magnus Andre on bass, keys and vocals found proper replacement in Eugene Mikhaylov so Talbot continues to spread their unique wall of sound around globe, with Belgrade being part of their upcoming tour.

Tidal Yield are local band with similar concept as Talbot, only with a slightly different choice of weapons. Armed with guitar (played by Milan) and drums (Vladimir) they construct lengthy songs with large dynamic span, repetitive doomy themes and occasional noise outbreaks. Being involved in various bands throughout their careers these two friends started playing together out of pure enjoyment and unconditional love for big riffs.

Tickets 600 rsd