with Kylam, Dj Kermit Dee, Doo + Kopri + tba

Club Drugstore, Address: 115 Bulevar Despota Stefana (Poankerova)

Date: 12th August

Elektrika Pancevo artist in residence program presents:

20h : Tattooine – exhibition of graphic art, tatooing of the graphic art on your skin, ambiental dj set

23h : Party wt Kermit Dee (Philia, Jekyllethyde) / Paris – Doo (Beyond House) / Belgrade


Tatooine is a concept developed in the Jekyllethyde collective’s creative kitchen, and is combining graphic art, music and tattoo in the same event.
Basically, it looks like this: 200 tattoo designs by more than 30 international artists (not tattoo artists themselves) are exposed in one room, where audience can see them for the first time in their life. In the next room there are tattoo artists who can get these designs under your skin for a symbolic price. Having no too much time to hesitate, choose and decide, following the first and usually true impression, you get the unique tattoo on your skin, as each of these designs were made exclusively for the Tattooine’s event, and each design can be tattooed only once. Tattooine event was presented so far numerous times in Paris, with occasional visits to Berlin and Beijing. This is their first appearance in Serbia.

Dj Kermit Dee /Philia, JekylletHyde, Paris, France/

Dj Kermit Dee started his career as a magister templi in the church of JekylletHyde, cooking various concepts and programs with his colleague, tattoo and street artist KYLAM /which stands for KillYourselfLikeAMan/. Very soon, spotted by big fishes in Parisian milleu, he started working as a resident dj and booker in Rex club, keeping his underground projects running on a parallel tracks – music label Philia with a series of official and non-official parties, exhibitions and tattoo performances both in town and in industrial suburbs of Paris. His eclectic dj-ing style moves like a ninja shadow through dark bushes, changing shapes from micro house to techno, from ambiental floating structures to concrete-grinding and very danceable tunes.

Jekyllethyde collective including Kermit Dee and KYLAM are visiting Serbia this summer as part of the Street Art Residencies program by Elektrika.