The end of the year is reserved for hard techno and hypnotic techno music. A Belgrade-based producer Tim Jackman is back after a slight pause with three new releases (EPs) and 9 new tracks of boiling techno sound.

All three releases are coming up to Beatport, Traxsource, etc at the beginning of 2023, but now you can listen to them on Bandcamp. (even download some of them for free)

In one of my favorite tracks, Chrono Sphere, lush-breezy and shimmery synths are overcome by a stabby growl which overtakes space, while being pummeled by a low-key bassline and kick, a perfect track for a club filled with dancing techno-goers. Tim’s synths are a major attraction here. They’re mainly in the middle-high reaches of the spectrum which gives them an ‘overseer’ feeling without ever becoming overbearing. The rest of the tracks are a good listen and most techno lovers would find something they like, which is an impressive thing to accomplish.