Saturday, 08/11/2014, 23 : 00

KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovica, 11000 Belgrade 

In the sequel Technopolis, KC Grad and STF presents a young producer and DJ artist Hector Oaks.
Hector was born in Madrid, and now he  lives in Berlin.

His first EP issued for a couple Recordings, and soon after that  come second EP for Consumer Recreation Service Recordings where he stands track Warten, which is remixed by Conrad Van Orton.

After leaving to Berlin, German producers noticed his talent and soon published several editions of production for home Quant, Sonntag Morgen and Key Records.

Audiences in Berghain, Tresor and the London club Jaded already had a chance to hear him several times, and we will proudly present in the KC Grad on November 8.

With Hector, domestic support will be legends Belgrade clubbing, Boza Podunavac and Mirko Lazarevic.

Tickets 400 rsd