The 28th Auteur Film Festival (FAF-Festival Autorskog Filma) will be held from November 25 to December 2 in Belgrade and throughout Serbia.

The visual identity of the festival is dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard, a giant of French and world cinema. The most significant representative of the “New Wave” and one of the most influential authors will be remembered for his bold and strongly political works, including “To the Last Breath” (1960) and “Crazy Pierrot” (1965), but also for his eternal desire to search for new cinematic language.

The festival poster was designed by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov (aka Floating Bstrd). For his visual solution, this Belgrade artist said that he was inspired by the movie “Crazy Pierrot” and the poster on which there is a striking character of Jean-Paul Belmond.

“Given that the festival will dedicate a part of its program to Godard, I visually displayed the blue face from the original poster as if it had been deleted, because the Auteur Film Festival is a place where role models are rejected and one starts to do something of his own,” said Vuleta.

A panel dedicated to Godard’s oeuvre will be held at FAF, as well as a screening of the film “Farewell to Language” (3D).

This year, the Auteur film festival will once again present the best contemporary film productions that are characterized by a unique style and different thematic concepts of male and female authors. The audience will have the opportunity to watch the winners of world festivals, as well as films by directors that the general public loves and knows very well. Throughout film stories, the festival will be guided by the central program units, the main and competition program, while the selections of Hrabri Balkan, Bande à part, Sirovo, and the Network of Adriatic Festivals will present new trends in the auteur’s films.

The main location of the festival will be mts Dvorana (ex Dom Sindikata), while film screenings will also be held in the Belgrade Cultural Center Hall, the Belgrade Youth Center, the Fontana Cinema, the Yugoslav Cinematheque, the “Student City” Culture Center, and the Cine Grand Rakovica cinema.

All information about the festival will be published on the official website The festival program can be followed through the official accounts on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.