Pioneer and veteran of the regional stand-up comedy scene, Pedja Bajović, decided to mark 20 years of his career with a project to become the first comedian in the world to perform in every European country! During this campaign, at the end of the month, he will appear in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

– I guess I’m not the only one who occasionally looks behind themselves and wonders if more could have been done in their career. The answer is that I probably could have, so I decided to do something that no one has done before and thus satisfy my not-so-small ego! I will be the first to perform in both the smallest and the largest country on the European continent, with all others in between! The fortunate circumstances are that I come from the Balkans, so I was already strong at the start with several countries, which are rarely visited by colleagues from the West. And then I went to their side…

Bajović is also the first domestic stand-up comedian who made his comedy special in English (The Balkan Brain) and a few years ago he started performing around the world with it. In the meantime, they saw him from Vancouver to Tasmania, from Morocco to Iceland… total: of 49 countries. In this year alone, Pedja Bajović was in Ukraine, Albania, Cyprus, San Marino, Moldova, Andorra, Georgia, and Turkey. Of all the continents, South America is still left.

– First Europe, and when I certify that, I will go to Brazil or Argentina so that I can add “on all continents” to this European achievement! Let’s face it, it’s all more symbolic than I’m going to get rich, but it’s more than a nice rounding off of 20 years of making people laugh.

Knowing that the spoken English language events in Serbia are scarce, this is a great opportunity to enjoy while additionally learning more about the Balkans. Since this is a stand-up comedy, you can even compare notes with the comedian!

The first show will be in Novi Sad at Pupin Bar on Sunday, May 26 from 8 p.m. (LINK), and the next day (Monday, May 27) it will be in Belgrade at Black George, 56 Karađorđeva St. (LINK).