balakn pride

The #Balkan pride exhibition will take place on the 9th of September at KC Grad in Brace Krsmanovica St.

The #Balkan Pride exhibition presents photographs from the Pride parades in all Balkan capitals and cities and Turkey, looking for a dialogue between the local and international culture, and outlining the ways in which the Balkan identity and the European one can coexist, complement and enrich themselves. All organizers of Balkan Pride parades participate in the project by providing photos from their archives.

This year’s gathering for Belgrade Pride begins at 4 pm at Slavija Square, on the 15th of September. Follow FB event here.

The Pride parades in the Balkans, Europe and the world are still extremely important because of all the stigma and hatred that LGBT+ people face on a daily basis – rejection by friends and families, hate-based violence, bullying at school, discrimination at work and in the sphere of education, the lack of a legal framework for LGBT families … Pride is among the few events that focuses and sheds light on these inequalities.

This exhibition is organized by Belgrade Pride and GLAS Foundation from Bulgaria

Follow FB event here.