Well, due so great interest in the most popular love couple of the entire electronic music industry, I have decided to write something about it.

As Isis & Serapes, Cybele & Attis, Aphrodite & Apollon they are the new divine couple;)

So, here they are. The photo was taken in the winter (2012) at the Tube club in Belgrade by photographer Stefan Matić.

Nina Kraviz with her boyfriend Ben Klock, photo by Stefan Matic

So, I guess they are or were together. I don’t know. I guess I am not interested in gossips that much. Still, they look very lovely-both of them, that’s for sure.

Nina started her career in the ’90s as a music journalist working for entertainment magazines in Moscow, where she lived. She begins as a PR in early 2000 and soon, around 2003, Nina lives first experience as DJ.  Nina played in Moscow bars and clubs. Doing excellent production, she has made a name in electronic music industry. In 2009, she releases tracks for label Rekids- hits as Pain in the assI am gonna get You and soon Hotter than July.  Becoming a popular producer, Nina started to play music on various music festivals and in clubs as prestigious Panorama bar in Berlin or Fabric in London.

When it comes to Ben..He is not just good looking guy.

Ben is one of the residents at Berghain, the most popular club in Berlin. And yes, he plays techno. A very good techno…