Industrial heritage “Lozionica (Furnace Room)” will be revitalized and readapted into a multifunctional center for creativity and innovation, as a part of the new development project financed by the Republic of Serbia. It is expected that 50 million euros will be invested in this project.

The winning solution for the reconstruction of the former Ložionica; Rendering: AKVS Architects

The multifunctional center for creativity and innovation, Lozionica, as a public-use building, will be focused primarily on activities in the field of creative industries, innovation, and knowledge-intensive economy. The idea behind the project is to set Lozionica to become a symbol of Serbia’s creativity and knowledge-intensive economies and develop this venue into a novel tourist landmark.

The winning solution for the reconstruction of the former Ložionica; Rendering: AKVS Architects

The Lozionica reconstruction and adaptation project reflects the strategic direction and dedication of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to support the development of the innovation and creativity ecosystem and attract national and foreign investment to the industry. Creative industries already contribute more than 7.4% to the country’s GDP, while the sector has increased in size by more than 60% in the past six years. In the same time frame, the cumulative export growth rate of the industry has been 51%. The project corresponds to other strategic documents such as The Strategy of Smart Specialization, which recognizes creative industries – primarily gaming and visual effects – as the engine of sustainable economic growth and social development for Serbia in the future.

according to Serbia Creates


The Lozionica building complex was constructed almost 100 years ago and covers an area of 3,600 square meters. It encompasses the furnace room, water tower, and a train roundabout. The Water tower was demolished in the bombing during the Second World War. According to some sources, the tower was designed by the Serbian scientist Milutin Milanković. The entire complex belongs to the city’s industrial heritage. The adaptation and systemic revival of abandoned industrial structures is a practice that has been a trend in urban regeneration for the past 30 years. With this revitalization project, Ložionica will be reimagined and will become the creative hub for talents and the birthplace of ideas and future innovations.