Savamala, known not just as historical but creative and clubbing quarter of Belgrade as well seem to be hiding  many secrets.  One of the coolest murals of Savamala is definitely the painting of Serbian actor Bata Stojkovic, which is an art work of Zagreb-based street artist Boris Bare.

boris bare mural belgrade

                           Foto: Petar Marković/

While enjoying painting the Serbian capital, young Croatian artist explained “I’m a big fan of the movie “Balkan Spy”  (Balkanski spijun) and  I personally think that Bata is a legend of Yugoslav cinematography, that is why  he was my inspiration. For some time I have been meaning  to paint him, but I didn’t manage to find a suitable wall. During my two-day visit to Belgrade, I was passing by KC Grad and realized it is the perfect place. I just dropped my backpack on the floor, took to painting and began to paint even without seeking permission”.

pimp my pump

Boris Bare is the initiator of the street art collective called “Pimp My Pump” that is transforming into works of art old and rusty pumps in Zagreb. The collective is inspired by images of Marge and Homer Simpson, video game Packman, superhero Batman and many others. For the time being, he painted over 100 Zagreb pumps.

Translation support by Angloland