This weekend: Wall Painting in Visnjiceva Street in Belgrade



Two most active art collectives within Belgrade scene which promote street art – Paint Kartel and Street Smart – have joined forces to organise “United Colors Of Belgrade – Warm Up”. The event will bring together artists from the country and abroad on September 29 and 30. Five murals on the facade in Visnjiceva 10 in Belgrade will be painted by Flying fortress from Hamburg, Germany, Lunar from Zagreb, Croatia, as well as by domestic authors Star, Endo, Wuper, Rage, and Paint Cartel whose members are Cash, Dulait, Hope, Junk, Risk and Sarin.

Flying Fortress and Lunar are two artists whose work is known worldwide. This time, they will show what they can with the spray can. They are famous for the recognisable characters which can be found on the walls – for Flying Fortress, it’s “Teddy Trooper”, and for Lunar – it’s a cat, which, as he puts it, best reflects his personality.

Star, an artist from Novi Sad, will be present too. He likes to experiment with different styles, techniques and forms. He combines knowledge and interest in design, illustration, and typography in his work.

Wuper and Endo are both recognizable by realism in their works. Wuper is known for his wildstyle skill, while Endo is famous for his cubism collages. The two will share the wall, and the audience will be able to see what it looks like when these styles intertwine.

Another participant is Resto, imaginative and talented young artist. He paints Jackie the dog, pirates, sparrows, bees, snakes, jellyfish, wolves, foxes… His murals often include a cloud, and a heart, crown, Rubik’s cube or a message in its centre which often makes us reflect.

Members of the Paint Cartel collective – Cash, Dulait, Hope, Junk, Risk and Sarin – will work together. They usually act as a whole, but each and every one of them has a distinctive technique.

The Wall Painting will take place on Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm at Visnjićeva 10, with the support and at the pleasure of the neighbours. All interested citizens are welcome to witness the creation of artworks.

On Sunday, a mini street art market will be organized in front of the wall in Visnjiceva 10, as well as live silk screen printing from 2 pm to 4 pm. All attendees could choose one of the works of local artists, and Aleksandra Filipović will print them on t-shirts which can be purchased on the spot.

“United Colors Of Belgrade – Warm Up” continues where the first “United Colors of Belgrade” 2016 jam left off, when the Belgrade graffiti pioneers reunited to celebrate 20 years of street art. This is the first in a series of events organized by the Paint Cartel and Street Smart collectives for the purpose of joining the Belgrade street art scene together and providing greater visibility of this type of artistic expression.

The event is supported by Stari grad municipality which will present to the public their past and present environmental campaigns  on Sunday, September 30.


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