LOCATION: KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovica, Savamala, 11 000  Belgrade 

TIME: Friday, 30/08/2013, 20 : 00 – 05/09/2013


The practice of exhibiting street art in gallery spaces is not uncommon, although the first thing that comes up to mind, when you mention this medium, is certainly not a gallery. TKV is one of the first artists that moved this medium of artistic expression into the gallery space. This time she will present herself with an exhibition which will be held from 30th August till 5th September at Cultural Center GRAD’s big gallery.


The exhibition is comprised of stencils made in the past six months. The outline of her creativity is hipertextualization of urban space situated in hidden, and often unsightly corners of Belgrade.


Street Art is a medium that is virtually impossible to entirely present in a classical exhibiting space, thus TKV will present us a certain symbiosis of diverse ideas and a fragment of the creative process, which is only a piece of the magic, this time available to a wider audience.