Today we present our selection of the top 10 Belgrade bars. In case you would prefer to discover more bars and clubs from an even wider selection contact, book a table in your favorite bar through the website, and get informed about the latest happenings in the city. 

AMELIE ameli

Amelie is a popular Belgrade bar situated next to Palas hotel and the Museum of Applied Arts. It’s a French bistro-like place. The interior and exterior designs are carefully selected and therefore embellished with vintage details and flowers. In Amelie, you are bound to find mostly the locals from the downtown of Belgrade.  The locals have taken to drinking wine, sangria,  beer, and cocktails, and often coffee during the day.

In case it gets too crowded try to find a seat on the upper level of the bar.

 Address: 4 Toplicin Venac, 11000 Belgrade 



This is a secluded cocktail bar in a small street, just a minute away from the Belgrade Fortress. It resembles the American speak-easy concept, as there is no sign at the door that suggests that it is a cocktail bar, only the word “druid” written in lower case. But when you walk in and descend to the basement you’ll find yourself in an utterly fantastic cocktail bar. The bartenders are professionals who create miracles in your glass. All you have to do is choose the liquor base and the flavor you’d like, and leave the rest to them. When you open the door, with that lower–case inscription, just dash straight into the basement which houses this fantastic cocktail bar. They are exceptional at what they do. We recommend a sour cocktail with whiskey, Porto wine, and white foam. The bar’s not really spacious, so in order to get a table, we suggest that you make a reservation before visiting.

Address: Cincer Janka 1, 11000 Belgrade 


Another Belgrade’s standard when it comes to the cocktail offer. We recommend visitors speak with bartenders and discover new pleasant types of cocktails. If you are a cocktail drinker this place will definitely meet your expectations.

Address: 4 Kralja Milutina St. 11000 Belgrade 



This popular French-style bistro is located at the lower end of upper Dorćol in the famous street of Strahinjića Bana (better known as Silicon Valley or Ostrich Valley) at number 52b. The bar tends to be packed with people at all times. Pastis offers a variety of wines and is open for breakfast.

Pastis is quite a trendy and upmarket place, where people like to feel a little posh. This is also the place where British actor Ralph Fiennes spent a few mornings drinking coffee and reading newspapers while filming Coriolanus.



Another Belgrade classic. Located at Simina 6 in upper Dorćol, right in the heart of Belgrade. Here one gets a feel of the true spirit of the city. Centrala looks like a big window from the outside and the interior is a bit retro. There is no fancy drinks… because this place simply doesn’t need that sort of thing. It reflects the spirit of the bygone times when things like that didn’t matter. This is a very popular bar indeed.



Ventil is classic Dorćol. It’s located in Kapetan Mišina at number  14, in a basement that gets packed with the people who belong to the younger generation. It can be pretty noisy indeed and is the perfect place to drink beer and eating peanuts and smoki (a famous Serbian snack). The crowd here is relaxed and friendly. The music choice is interesting as Ventil provides a space for non-professional musicians, DJs, and artists to play music, perform live acts and exhibit.



Dim is a brand new venue situated in the bar district of Cetinjska St. It’s a twin brother of techno cathedral Drugstore and therefore visitors can expect lots of different kinds of electronic music and local performers. The bar itself is situated in the space that used to be a brewery, which provides a unique industrial appearance and a sense of underground culture.

DIM works every day from 6 pm until 1 am. The music stops at midnight.

Address: 15a Cetinjska St. 11000 Belgrade 



Drinka is a trendy bar located at Kosovska 33, just behind the National Parliament. It’s a bit of an up-market place with a delightful interior. During the summer people normally sit or stand out in the street while drinking wine and cocktails. Sometimes it offers quality electronic music and art exhibitions. So, I recommend you check it out one evening, you might even rub shoulders with some of Serbia’s celebrities.



kornjaca & skica

Black Turtle is a chain of pubs in Belgrade. Some believe that the best one is Black Turtle II, which is located in the old and beautiful part of Belgrade Kosančićev Venac, at number 30. This is a quite unique bar in Belgrade where one can enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere while drinking their blueberry or lemon-flavored beers, which are very reasonably priced, one cannot but notice. As one American guy recently said, “Blueberry beer tastes like heaven.”  Go for it!!!



Located in Karađorđeva street, in a former industrial area in the new hip-zone of Savamala, and near to the disco bar Mladost. From the street, it looks like a window. I just love the interior – a combination of wooden tables with black wrought iron chairs and spider-shaped chandeliers. It appears quite simple and monochrome but is also cool and impressive. The music here is usually electronic. Drinks are of high quality, from good quality beers to Mojitos. The prices are quite affordable too. Wine is around 3 euros, beer also around 3 euros and cocktails are around 4 euros. It’s also a nice place to warm up before the real parties start at KC Grad or Mladost-Ludost-Gajba which are just around the corner.



Bašta is one of the finest bars in town. It is located in the Savamala zone, at Male Stepenice 1a. This place has a unique vibe with views of Brankov bridge and the Sava river. It offers a relaxing experience with an exquisite selection of wine and cocktails mixed with the sounds of jazz and live performances.

In case you would prefer to get to know the inner city areas better and experience Belgrade like a local we suggest  booking Creative Belgrade or Hipster tours