co-working space belgrade

If you are looking for a cozy and creative working environment and you are currently situated in Belgrade we might have 3 suggestions for co-working spaces that you can use.


Startit is a local association of IT professionals. The co-working space is situated in Savska St, on the border of the Savamala area.

startit it centre

Their offices and co-working spaces are present not just in Belgrade, but in the other cities in Serbia such as Sabac, Zrenjanin, Indjija, Vrsac, and Novi Sad as well. The focus is on the development of the IT sector in Serbia, therefore this association organizes numerous conferences, meetups, educational workshops, and courses with an aim to educate beginners in IT sector, raise awareness and promote IT in Serbia and connect creative thinkers and innovators from this field of industry.

Some of the workshops and courses are free and available for children and pupils as well.

The co-working space is cozy and attractive for working on your laptop. When you get trusty or hungry you can use the kitchen and lay back on the sofa and play Nintendo, or a Gameboy. There are 2 meet up rooms and a skype room. Open 24/7




Another very popular co-working space is Nova Iskra in Gavrila Principa St. (also Savamala, but as well Dorcol and Zemun). Next to the co-working space, Nova Iskra is the first design (and educational incubator) in Serbia. Here you can rent a daily or a monthly space for your freelance business, or rent a meeting room or a small presentation room. Nova Iskra offers free lectures on a number of topics from culture, to tourism and education, and collaborates with different faculties, institutions, and programmes.

This is a good place for meeting new and creative people, i.e. to grow your social capital.

coworking spaces in belgrade

Prices range from 12e per day to 120-180 e on a monthly basis.

The co-working space looks minimalistic and it’s very pleasant for working on your laptop.




Next to the aforementioned co-working spaces we would like to point out another that can be worth your attention.  ICT HUB is situated in Kralja Milana St. This space is separated into several rooms: Start-Up, Corpo Lab, Playground, Venture, and Digital Transformation. The focus is on start-ups and their networking and potential collaboration. The garage lab is particularly interesting since it includes a laboratory with 3D printers and tools for robotics and microelectronic.

The prices of organized programs and seminars depend on the number of participants.