laptop friendly belgrade

If case you are a freelancer and you are bored of working from home, or you have a problem with internet connection, the fastest and most convenient solution is to go to a nearby coffee shop or a bar and continue working. The crucial thing is that you can grab some fine coffee and some delicious bites, and certainly Wi-Fi, and get comfortable.

In this pocket-sized guide, we give a brief overview of 4 laptop-friendly places in Belgrade.



Kafeterija has already become a famous city chain of cafe shops. The largest and most comfortable is located in a former shopping mall from the beginning of the 20th century, in the Kralja Petra Street. In addition to the historic building dating from the Secession period, in Kafeterija you can enjoy a pleasant interior and good service. On the third floor you will find “community” tables with power outlets for your smart phone and lap tops. All you have to do is order coffee, or one of several types of breakfasts with eggs, fresh sugar-free juice and get started!




This Dorcol DJ bar is a favorite spot for young hip crowd to work on a laptop during the day. The atmosphere is more than pleasant. This venue offers the perfect atmosphere: light music, plenty of books, posters and art details,. You can sit at the community table, or settle in a comfortable armchair, order coffee late, or a bottle of San Miguel and go to work.


dorcol platz
Dorcol Platz


This genuine place is usually empty during the working days. So, it can be the perfect and super comfortable place to work on your computer. This property has a bar and you can order whatever you want for a drink. However, during the weekends don’t try to come here with your laptop, because you will find that there are different markets, flea markets, fashion sales taking place in Dorcol Platz.




Another spot which is a mix of bar and art space is located in the most beautiful part of Dorcol, on the corner of Cara Urosa Street near the Bajrakli Mosque and Belgrade fortress, surrounded by trees. During the day, the atmosphere is very cozy and relaxed and you can meet a lot of young creative folks who also work on their laptops while drinking tea or coffee.