October Salon 

During the five decades since its inception, the October salon has become a focal point of Serbian culture, representing an annual overview of visual arts and an important exhibition selected by some of the most prominent curators and experts.The Salon has become international since 2004 marking Belgrade’s increased involvement  in international artistic events. Each year the Salon takes place in various exhibiting spaces across the city.

Website: www.oktobarskisalon.org






-Belgrade-Design-Week-2011  Belgrade Design Week 

As the first festival of creative industry and contemporary business in Serbia, Belgrade Design Week presents the central platform for development of new ideas in the country as well as in the region. Its programme actively influences development of expertise in domain of communication and business. From its founding in 2005, Belgrade Design Week has regularly gathered international specialists in branding, architecture, design, media, advertising, thus expanding local knowledge and creating a meeting point of global industry standards and regional business.


Website: www.belgradedesignweek.com





Summer soul of Belgrade is best characterised by the Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF), which combines three sets of media: dramatic art (theatre and dance), visual art (video, installations, performance and graphic prints) and music. Through projects in public spaces and numerous guest events organised by BELEF in co-production with other cultural institutions, BELEF fills Belgrade with a distinctive soul.


Website: www.belef.org






The Belgrade International Week of Architecture (BINA), initiated by the Association of Belgrade Architects and Belgrade Cultural Centre in 2006, has become an annual architecture festival, that engages with current issues of architecture and urbanism through its programmes that wary from urban walks, children’s workshops, to lectures, exhibitions, talks and film projections.


Website: www.bina.rs





Mmikser festivalikser Festival 

Based in Savamala quarter, the regional festival Mikser unravels the potential of this industrial city zone and for the duration of the festival transforms it into nucleus of creative energy. Conceived as few content zones (Expo, Art, Talent, Contact, Party Zone…), Mixer places an emphasis on events in South East Europe.



Website: www.mikser.rs