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Savamala, known not just as a historical but creative and clubbing quarter of Belgrade as well seems to be hiding many secrets. Today we tend to reveal some of those secrets through the story of the murals. 

The Ghost People of Savamala are separate works of six artists from Serbia and Croatia representing the challenges faced by people living in the Savamala neighborhood.

The Ghost holding a boat, for example, represents the challenges faced by residents living close to the Sava River and the need for better cohesion with the river. The Ghost holding the flowers is painted on a small section of wall between two buildings, represents the need for greener spaces for the dwellers of Savamala.

There are a number of murals in Savamala that adorn gray facades, such as a mural “Waiting for the Sun” painted by a Serbian artist Aleksandar Maćašev.

The design was inspired by a vintage Hungarian matchbox from the post-war Socialist period.

Savamala area also includes a famous mural “La Santa de Beograd” painted by REMED which was commissioned by Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF) several years ago. The mural metaphorically represents the history of Belgrade seen by the eyes of the artists.

Another interesting mural in this area was commissioned by the Mikser festival which took place in Savamala until 2017. The mural is titled “Imitation of Life” and it’s located on the building which used to be a Mikser House.

In addition to the mentioned ones, one of the coolest murals of Savamala is definitely the painting of Serbian actor Bata Stojkovic, which is an artwork of Zagreb-based street artist Boris Bare.

At the end, we would like to mention one “hidden” artwork. It has emerged at the back of Culture Centre Grad looking onto of the shores of the River Sava. With the support of the Dutch Embassy in Belgrade, KC Grad decided to paint a new mural dedicated to Serbian and Dutch friendship and collaboration right after the Orange Week manifestation.

The artist who painted the mural is TKV from Serbia. The mural showcases a young girl, her skin is orange and she is wearing a Dutch traditional hat and smiles. Behind her, the wall is painted blue and the patterns resemble the Dutch porcelain.

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