Since the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, working from home is a new reality. In order to reduce anxiety and stress, and convert your living space into your working space, we share 6 easy tricks that can boost your creativity!

Design your working space


For the start avoid working on your laptop or phone in the bed. Your brain will start associating an environment with work, so bringing your laptop or phone into bed can make it harder to fall asleep. Or it can cause the opposite effect, such as feeling sleepy during your working hours.

Be creative

The important step is to separate life and work mentally. Unfortunately, not everyone has a home office or a studio. Therefore, a trick is to work with what you already have in your living environment. You can replicate a space from your favorite co-working hub and work on the sofa, or from your dream office. Do not forget to migrate to the dining room to formalize your report. Switching up spaces assists in reducing monotony and recreate movement in our work environments. As well, do not forget to enrich your working space with an artwork, or two, since you should design your living space to appear as an office.

Having a comfortable computer chair can save your day! A laptop cooler with stand is a must since it will save you from neck and back pains and it costs only 12-15 euros.

Keep it minimalistic


Did you notice that coffee shops look minimalistic and appear as co-working spaces? Researchers at Princeton University found that clutter makes it more challenging to focus and that our brain’s visual cortex is overwhelmed by task-irrelevant objects, which make it harder to concentrate and complete jobs efficiently. We’re surrounded by belongings in our homes – that’s why it’s essential to make designated workspaces as tidy and without too many objects.



Music is proven to reduce negative feelings such as stress and anxiety and make us feel good. You can subscribe to Brain.fm and use specially designed music to improve brain activity and help users focus – or relax. Another option is to tune in into one of the NTS.live mixes or find one of the many coffee shop music mixes on Youtube.

Create an atmosphere of NYC’s coffee shop, or maybe even the atmosphere of your dream beach bar.

Don’t forget on plants and natural light


Plants make us feel alive. Science has proved it numerous times. Having indoor plants in your working space can boost your concentration and productivity by up to 15% while reducing stress and improving mood. Furthermore, A 2018 study by Cornell University Professor Alan Hedge reported an 84% decrease in eyestrain and headaches resulting from prolonged screen time when natural light was properly optimized.

Choose your fragrance


Certain fragrances are believed to improve work performance, and they can be introduced into the home. For example, one Japanese study found participants made 54% fewer typing errors when exposed to the smell of fresh lemons. Other recommended fragrances include coffee for analytical reasoning tasks; rosemary for memory recall; fresh peppermint to improve attention; jasmine to re-energize, promote well-being and a positive mood.

Be active


Yes, your favorite gym and fitness studio are closed. But, it is more important than ever to stay active. Eat fewer carbohydrates since they will make you feel sleepy and affect your productivity, instead eat more meat and vegetables, and drink coffee. When it comes to working out, use some home-studio yoga or home-fitness programs from Youtube and fitness apps. Another option is to purchase proper working equipment such as a rower, or a bicycle.