Vladimir Tatarević and Saša Preradović’s exhibition “Towards the ideal of classical beauty: two visions” is the result of many years of their research of the way the naked female body is presented in art. The aforementioned subject is presented in fifteen photographs at this exhibition.

28th August-20th September at Artget gallery, KCB  

klasicna lepota

Aleksandar Kelić, the art director of the Artget Gallery in 2014, states that “Preradović remains faithful to the classical approach and the black-and-white photography, on one hand, and Tatarević experiments both in colours and in upgrading of the original shot subsequently, on the other. What, at first glance, distances these two authors in their approaches is actually the point of their contact where their methodology and precision in creating an authentic expression in photography come to the forefront.”

Given that Vladimir Tatarević has remained true to colour photography and the interior (i.e. a photo studio), he turns to the deconstruction of the old masters’ paintings in his unique way. In his impressive photographs, women are transformed into Leda, Danaë and Venus from those magnificent Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces. Their inner world and being, and not the observer, is the centre of their attention. 

In comparison to Vladimir Tatarević, Saša Preradović inclines to a minimalist concept in the way he presents the nude figure. By removing all less important details and creating almost an empty and neutral environment, he directs our attention solely onto the nudes that are presented mainly in classic positions and gestures. …If we observe this author’s photos carefully, we can notice that he shows the same level of bravura in terms of the form and, above all, the light as the very body in motion. By means of animating the body in search of an appropriate formal rhythm, Saša Preradović attempts to bind the complex light in a studio and the form together in his works and to re-examine the crowded repertoire of creative space within this primordial subject with help of a newly created micro-setting. (An excerpt from the introductory text Towards the ideal of classical beauty: two visions by Jelena Matić)

Vladimir Tatarević
 was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, University of Arts (1997). After he had finished his MA studies, he traveled extensively visiting 30 countries in two years working for Trans-Оcean Photos, NY, USA. In 2000 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA where he worked as a photographer for various companies. In the summer of 2002 he got the first prize at the Lifetouch, state competition for photographers in Atlanta. At the end of 2002 he returned to his hometown where he continued his career as a freelance art photographer. 

Vladimir had fourteen solo exhibitions and participated in several international group exhibitions. His work was published in many prestigious magazines such as: National GeographicCosmopolitanMen’s Health… He teaches Photography, holding the position of Docent (Associate Professor) at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.


Saša Preradović was born in Belgrade where he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, University of Arts. He has the status of a freelance artist (ULUPUDS). He works in his own studio Foton, which also serves as a school of photography where he teaches students of all age groups interested in this form of art . In addition to commercial photography and a variety of professional activities, his engagement in the domain of photography has been directed mainly to two major subjects: wildlife and nude. As a great nature lover, Saša Preradović has worked as a photographer on many scientific research expeditions, monitoring missions and projects. His photographs have been published in numerous books, magazines and promo materials of virtually all institutions and NGOs in Serbia that deal with nature. At the end of 1997, he started to exhibit his life photos, then his nudes soon afterwards, for which he was awarded numerous times. He has displayed his photos at around 80 group exhibitions held in the country and abroad and received over 50 awards and acknowledgements so far. This is his fourth solo exhibition.