Serbia Railways announced that the train of Russian state railways has started operating from Belgrade to Moscow, via Bratislava, Warsaw and Minsk, which has not been offered by Serbian Railways so far.


The departure of the train from Belgrade to Moscow  happens at 21:50 from Belgrade, at 8:00 from Budapest, at 11:10 in Bratislava, in 19:27 in Warsaw and the next day at 7:54 pm from Minsk. The train is coming to Moscow to 16.20h. In the return journey, from Moscow to Belgrade departure of the train from Moscow happens from 16.27h. Minsk is 1.16 hours, from Warsaw in 9:43 pm, from Bratislava in 16:53 hours, from Budapest in 22:25, each train is to arrive in Belgrade at 6.21 the following day.

The journeys with couchet ,  which are owned by the Russian state railways, have four beds in the “tourist” compartment  and two beds in “doubles” compartments  with a bed in the “single” compartment.

The price of tickets with sleeping facilities, depending on the destinations is as follows:

– Sofia – Belgrade: 50,20 euros in “tourist” cabin and 75.60 euros in “doubles” compartment

– Belgrade – Bratislava: 60,30 euros in “tourist” compartment and 90.80 euros in “doubles” compartment – Belgrade – Warsaw: 121,40 euros in the “tourist” compartment and 182.40 euros in “doubles” compartment – Belgrade – Minsk: 161.70 euros in “tourist” compartment and 242.90 euros in “doubles” compartment – Belgrade – Moscow: 200,70 euros in the “tourist” compartment and 301,30 euros in “doubles” compartment

All the information regarding the traffic of trains on the new timetable for 2015/2016 year can be found on the website “Serbian railways” and  the information about the traffic of trains on the route Belgrade – Moscow among other things.