Walking down Hilandarska Street in the downtown Belgrade you are bound to  see a rather peculiar wall showcasing a heap of small and thrown away items. It looks as an art installation in public space or even as a mini open-air museum.

It all seemed to have started three years ago when the creator of this unusual exhibition found a little figure left by his ex-girlfriend in the mailbox of the building where he lived.  This act inspired him to start exhibiting small items around the mailbox and any time soon the collection spread to the façade of building. In the past the creator used to be  possessed by love, but now he tends to show his affections through his collection. The creator made this unusual wall as an epitome of love, but must not be compromised for anything though many seem to think to the contrary, because according to its creator  “love is about giving unconditionally”.

The artifacts are exclusively discarded items, those items that people think to have no value and in doing so  demonstrate the paradox of the world.  Some of the passersby  are absorbed by this collection and often they take some of the items for themselves.  In case you find this collection and the whole concept insightful you are free to leave your contribution to this spontaneous and unusual “love museum” in Hilandarska Street.