Let’s be honest that it’s not a secret that Belgrade isn’t really vegan-friendly. The Serbs tend to be big on meat and kafanas are all over the city. Still, we have recently visited a riveting vegetarian restaurant, situated in a converted apartment near Kalemegdan Fortress. Radost fina kuhinjica (Radost House) stands next to none in Belgrade with its offer which includes organic and gluten-free vegetarian specialties

radost fina kuhinjica

Radost has this delightful atmosphere and a pleasant interior complete with its wooden pieces of furniture. It’s a small place cosseted away from the city hustle and bustle and not too open to the gaze of random tourists. There is no sign in the street whatsoever that this restaurant even exists and the owner doesn’t seem to like websites either, so basically the word of mouth made this place visible on the culinary map of Belgrade.

house radost

I personally love it. In this restaurant, I caught a glimpse of a vegetarian paradise. Meals are lavish, healthy, and deliciously full of nutrients that most of us rarely get to eat at home. Tacos with lettuce and pomegranate are surely a perfect choice, soups, and homemade burgers with beets and buckwheat without meet as well. I am also a big lover of wine, so I would recommend Serbian wine “Tri Morave” or alternatively one can just drink some smoothie.

radost fina kuhinjica by Bojana Bosh

Photos by Bojana Bosh 

Surprisingly enough the most costly meal in this restaurant costs as little as 7 euros. Some of the world’s celebrities ate here whilst staying in Belgrade, such as members of Depeche Mode band, Italian jazz musician Nicola Conte and Hollywood actress Salma Hayek. But do not let these famous guests put you off. Radost Fina Kuhinjica is a very cozy little place.

Address: Pariska 3, 11000 Belgrade