eklektika 40 coffee shop in Belgrade

While walking around Dorcol, I came across one unusual coffee shop named Eklektika 40. It stands inside a former joint, in the modernist building, designed by architect Miladin Prljevic in 1935.

Eklektika 40 is a mix of pre-war architecture, globalization, and contemporary culture. Coffee lovers can sip different types of high-quality coffee while standing on the bar, or seating in the street while enjoying the vibes of the Old town.

Owners are a couple from Turkey. Both of them are Belgrade and coffee aficionados. In 2015 they decided to say goodbye to corporate lifestyle and become caterers. In 2015 this couple opened their very first coffee shop in Izmir, called Kirkmerdiven, which means 40 steps. The second coffee shop was opened in Belgrade, in April in 2019. The name Eklektika 40 comes from a blend of couple’s different backgrounds and interests and the number 40, which draws inspiration from Kirkmerdiven.

I would like to mention that first kafana (Turkish tavern) serving Turkish coffee was opened in Dorcol back in 16th century by the Ottomans. So, it can be said that coffee culture belongs to the cultural tradition of this historical and multicultural neighborhood. Which actually is eclectic!

Functional and responsive design of the shop easily attracts the attention of passers-by. Turkish coffee, latte with soya, espresso-tonic, ice coffee, baklava and brownies are on the menu, as well as other interesting beverages.

belgrade  coffee shop

Seat and relax under the trees, turn on your WI-FI, listen to electronic music and savor the moment!

Enjoy your favorite coffee in Eklektika 40!    

 Address: 7 Knjeginje Ljubice St. 11000 Belgrade