Solum / Caelum

The artist Milan Markovic will present himself to the domestic audience with the exhibition Solum / Caelum, which will be opened on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, at 7 pm, in the House of King Peter I. The exhibition consists of works from two cycles of the artist’s experimental research, created in the previous year: the Phosphorescence cycle and the Caelum cycle.

The works presented are strongly personalized by the artist’s experimental exploration of the duality of natural dynamics; light and darkness, primitive and spiritual, life and death. Created in a difficult period in the artist’s life, the works give us the prism of Marković’s inner world, which is dark in the Phosphorescence cycle, and which is eventually released and turns into a blue cycle of Caelum paintings, the artist’s rationalization and immediate release from pain.

In his creative work, Markovic follows the principles and practice of experimental improvisation, which led him to a rich tradition of painting dealing with gestural abstraction.

“The repetitive dynamics of his canvases convey the simplicity of force and movement through energetic layers of color, while their visual and sensory syntax is reduced to the most powerful graphic elements. Fundamentally assertive, they do not have a clearly visible narrative, and yet, they are undoubted researches of his personal universe “,

points out art historian Aleksandra Lazar.

Milan Markovic’s artistic biography began about ten years ago when he discovered his own sensibility and possibilities as a creator and author. He is a self-taught artist of strong artistic energy whose works have been presented to the public in Belgrade, London, Paris, Sorrento, Athens. The exhibitions he singles out are “The Future of Serbian Art”, where the selection of works of art was done by Vladimir Veličković and “Moliere, Mise en Peinture”, held in Paris, and his works are in numerous private and public collections in Serbia and abroad.

The organizer of the exhibition appeals to the visitors to be responsible for themselves and others and to adhere to all prevention measures during their stay indoors.

Support in the realization of a solo exhibition Solum / Caelum provided by Serbia creates, VR-ALL-ART, Čugura print, Adore chocolate, Nura agency, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, Tzuga, Novak wines, Refresh Your Life (RYL), Vino Župa, Still in Belgrade.