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11th Museum Night – a Bit of Magic and a Lot of Culture



Under the slogan “Excellent Entertainment in Museums” our Museum Night will be held for the eleventh time on 17th May, when this celebration of culture will gather 150 museums and cultural institutions in 75 cities all across Serbia.

Visitors yearning for cultural events in Belgrade will be welcomed at 75 sites distributed in seven zones. For the first time, Museum Night will have a partner country, and this year it is Turkey. Breaking down clichés and prejudices about their culture, the famous Turkish artists will present themselves at Kalemegdan in a new light. The Residence of Princess Ljubica will be for that evening the most cheerful and the most romantic place in the city where, the traditional wedding will take place in front of the visitors, as it was a hundred years ago in Mladenovac.


The Building of Adriatic – Danubian bank, today the seat of Alfa Bank Serbia, opens its doors exclusively in Museum Night where the visitors will see the authentic counter hall, oval conference room and cabinet of the bank’s general manager, decorated with a rich art collection of the most important Serbian painters! Just for this evening, the unique Magic Museum in the House of King Peter I will be opened, while the visitors to the Royal Compound in Dedinje will have a rare opportunity to get to know the controversial “Vidovdan Temple”, the debated and never completed work of art of Ivan Mestrovic.

The Marathoners will run another lap of honor in the new building of the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive, and the impressive collection of autographs of most important personalities from around the world will attract many visitors to the Archives of Yugoslavia. Historical Museum of Serbia will attract all those who want to learn more about the liquidation of enemies of the people, the terrible Goli Otok and the other things that have taken place since the Second World War in the former Yugoslavia.

Ethnographic Museum will feature a large anti-Masonic exhibition that will give us closer insight on the history of Freemasonry in Serbia. The fresh feature of Krsmanovic house, known as the “Protocol” will be revealed, where the audience will be offered a premiere of art of Milos Tomic and Dorjan Kolundžija.

What has changed the lives of women in the early twentieth century and how the World War I has affected their emancipation, Museum Night visitors will learn in the Residence of Prince Milos while the visitors to the New Cemetery will have the opportunity to visit the monuments of Serbian Heros of the Great War in guided tours.

That evening, from 6pm until 2am the door will stay open in countless cultural institutions in Novi Sad, Sabac, Uzice, Krusevac, Zrenjanin, Svilajnac, Nis, Pozarevac, Sombor, Jagodina, Leskovac…

Tickets for the 11th Museum Night that will be held on 17 May at 75 locations in Belgrade can be purchased in advance at a discount price of 400 RSD, while at the very day of the event the ticket will cost 450 RSD. One Museum Night ticket, as always, is valid for one entry to all 75 locations in Belgrade. Tickets can be purchased at all Eventim locations: Republic Square 5, Usce Shopping Mall, Cultural Centre Dom Omladine, Delfi SKC Bookstore, but also in other places in Belgrade and throughout Serbia. For more information about the Eventim selling points please visit


The proud sponsor of the 11th National Museum Night is Viasat History Channel. National Museum Night is under the auspices the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, and the friend of the event is Telekom Serbia with its brand MTS. Other Museum Night sponsors are IDEA, Coca-Cola, Alpha Bank, Fiat Cars, Samsung, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia and Grafix.