belgrade design week

 Photo: Sanda Vitrović


The 9th edition of Belgrade Design Week 2014  was held from 6th to 11th October in an old abandoned Staklopan fabric in Stahinjića Bana street, in the city centre. As you probably already know BDW is an annual conference based in Belgrade, organised by Jovan Jelovac and his team and  features the latest from design, architecture, branding, fashion, technology… Regardless sustainability and financial problems that this a bit controversial manifestation is facing, this year’s edition was quite successful followed by design and photo exhibition, Design labs, 100% Future Serbia project which was opened at Deli Monday event at KC Grad. It was even supported by Tomislav  Nikolić the president of Serbia.

bdw 2


Photo: Sanda Vitrović

Revival of abandoned industrial building, 2 day lasting free of charge workshops with finest lecturers, promotion of Serbian designers, great conference, exhibition and  great atmosphere marked this year’s edition. BDW was held under the slogan “Brand new world” and opened by Massimiliano Fuksas studio from Italy. The audience choose the architect Christian Kerez for best lecturer of the conference.

We can point out Design lab workshops that offered mixture of fashion, design, creativity, management and inspiration. Audience had an opportunity to listen to big creative minds coming from a different fields, just to drop a few names: Galit Gaon Chief Curator of Design Museum Holon and the founder, Director and Chief Curator of the Israeli Cartoon Museum at the Mediatheque Cultural Center , film director Ivan Živković from Serbia, Ido Garini from Studio Appetit in Holland, Bojana Drača from fashion world and so on.

bdw 3


Photo: Bojana Bošnjački 

bdw 4


Photo: Bojana Bošnjački


Galit talked about the entire project of Design museum in Holon and how to imply modern museum practice as fundraising, curation, marketing, creating experience and building relationship with visitors. Bojana Drača talked about sustainable fashion and the concept of fashion industry in the 21st century, Ivan Živković gave a life coaching workshop how to use potential and improve our thoughts and life goals, he also recommended some publications as “What should I do with my life” and “Status Anxiety” and similar interesting books. Not to forget excellent Ido from Studio Appetit who presented his unique projects from NYC, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, London and gave a totally new perspective of gastronomy and design, let’s just call his workshop and lecture a “food sex” or a “love food”.

bdw 5

Photo: Bojana Bošnjački 

There were many interesting speakers as Ralph Nauta from Studio Drift based in Holland. Studio Drift creates projects that balance on the fine line between arts and design. They draw their inspiration from nature as a starting point, both in a formal and a philosophical way, while the creative process is fuelled by innovative techniques.

bdw 6


Photo: Bojana Bošnjački 

Also, a stunning and very humorous lecture in Croatian language from Rijeka based architect Idis Turato who was one of the last lecturers of the conference, but also one of the finest. He had a very interesting presentation which sparked  loud ovations from the audience. Definitely a guy I would like to listen again

Exhibition presented various design items coming from world wide famous design studios, some of them are eco-friendly and appear very creative.

We have spent very quality five days on this year’s BDW and got so much new information, knowledge, ideas and delicious cappuccino.

Even if this manifestation has a reputation of  “elite” and unnecessary , you should know that there are always ways to find a tickets without depriving  yourself from great lectures that can change your way of thinking forever, even if you are not working in the field of design or architecture.