ENSO stands for a circle drawn at one uninhibited brushstroke, which represents the moment when the mind is free to let the body create. It symbolizes absolute harmony, strength, and is characterized by the minimalism of expression and elegance.

Guided by this notion Enso restaurant brings together all the virtues aforementioned in the choice of menu which represents a sort of fusion of the East, Western Europe, and traditional Serbian cuisine. The philosophy of the restaurant lies in the creativity and harmony of tastes and the visual experience of food, with a special dedication to each and every detail.

People will learn about Serbia best at the dining table, through stories of places, people and traditions, and tastes will definitely be the best teachers. Everyone visiting Serbia desires to have a taste of our traditional meals, but musicians have a bit more demanding preferences and expectations. For every artist who creates and produces, a meal must contain all the nutrients the body needs. Dinner before the very show is perhaps the most significant meal for the artist. The extensive menu, international recipes, and especially intriguing and mild food is what they choose.

chef restaurant esno

Enso restaurant has hosted many worldwide music stars who have performed at the BITEF club and served them in a fitting manner.

To you, we reveal the meals they enjoyed, because we think that Serbia is a region capable of competing for culinary trends worldwide!

chef restaurant enso

Local products that are dominant in out country are still organic and vitamin-rich, so the composition of innovative international cooking is quite acceptable for our creative cuisine and fertile lands.

The recipe for a good show is without any doubt the food the musicians consumed.

Cristina Branco, one of the renowned fado divas of today, is truly a personification of sophistication. The artist that introduces innovation in strong, conservative and traditional roots such as fado.

Cristina Branco is a woman who cares about her nutrition, so the restaurant chefs  prepared tuna for her.

Grilled tuna (tuna should never be overdone) is served with beetroot-flavored red gnocchi.

This meal of love is complemented by read pepper foam. Light, authentic food is the number one choice of this Portuguese diva!

Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter has one of those genuine jazz voices,  which slide down your ear directly to the soul.

When tours begin, performers without a doubt need a meal that can help them keep pace, and keep them full.  During his first visit to Serbia, he tasted traditionally cooked beans, and he told the whole world about them.

A star this big should have it all.

Cuttlefish, homemade goose liver parfait, rabbit, duck drumsticks and mint cake.

chocolate and juniper

A creamy combination of white chocolate and juniper, oatmeal crumb, lemon ice-cream, meringues, his choice is the cake with Lemon and Juniper!

One who said you should experience everything life has to offer must’ve said the memorable phrase over a bite of Foie Gras. Designed in a form of a parfait. Served on coffee sponge cake with the addition of citrus for balance.

Cuttlefish is certainly the most sensual meal you have ever tasted.

Cuttlefish is served on an onion campbell with spinach juice,  cuttlefish ink on sponge and hazelnut mayonnaise.

Chicken drumstick sous-vide

Chicken drumstick sous-vide is combined with creamed cauliflower, apple coulis and truffle gravy.

Rabbit meat is slow-cooked in pure duck fat, because that is how it is kept tender, and then serve on spinach coulis. In order to round the meal out,  pickled vegetables for the crunch, banana, curry, and yogurt ice cream as the creamy component are added.

The dessert consists of four layers: cocoa seed crumble, dark chocolate and mint ganache, white chocolate and mint cream and mint gel.

 cocoa seed crumble

„Taste is debatable“ as Gregory Porter, the man who got to know different recipes from around the world states. He placed Serbian cuisine in a folder named  “Delicious cuisine”. For many specialties from Serbian national cuisine there are neither proper words in dictionaries of foreign languages, nor is there a comparable taste. But he definitely emphasized that all groceries are fresh, natural and without spices. When it comes to the vegetables he ate, he stressed that tomatoes can be without any added oil or spices, and the same goes for peppers.

Singer with a velvety voice Hindi Zahra, was born in Morocco, and she currently resides in Paris. She describes herself as an always restless, free spirit.

 Becausee of her restaurant chefs had the chance to get familiar with the nutrition and the culture of the French cuisine, so every dish was carefully served.

gluten free

Listening to find out what guests’ affinities are, taking into account their different food regiments, considering vegetarians, vegans but those who enjoy meat as well, the chefs have created an innovative summer menu…

Enso serves quinoa with corn ice-cream, lemon jam, mashed Jerusalem artichokes, radishes and granola. Ice-cream and mashed artichokes are made using coconut milk, so for vegans, this dish is a true little heaven on a plate, and we are sure that all others who like to try something different will enjoy it as well.

Mario Biondi, also known as the Italian Berry WhiteSoul- jazz singer is a frequent visitor of Belgrade and a guest of the restaurant.

Mario Biondi

He is a hedonist and a constant pursuer of pleasure, and he deserves it. He was served delicious pansotti pasta. This is how we imagine a meal, made by joined efforts of Serbian and Italian grandmothers. Enriched oansotti pasta with dry plums on a sage sauce, served with marinated granny smith apple,  foam from the plum, and apple seeds together with pistachios.

This combination of flavors is a perfect blend of Serbian and Italian tradition.

And of course, a wide selection of wines, but his choice with this exceptional meal is the Brunello di Montalcino wine.

Lemon and Juniper

A creamy combination of white chocolate and juniper, oatmeal crumb, lemon ice-cream, meringues, his choice is the cake with Lemon and Juniper!

 Selah Sue

Young Belgian singer-songwriter Selah Sue tasted dishes with curiosity and conversed with chefs about the recipes. She opted for the Thai soup. One sip is all that it takes for you to end up at Thailand. The taste of the Thai chicken soup really does have that power. Prepared from coconut milk, ginger and lemongrass, with the addition of chicken meat and coriander, it has healing properties. Gluten-free!

Canelones filled with shrimp and squids meat

Canelones filled with shrimp and squids meat, served on mashed smoked cauliflowers and beurre blanc sauce.

If you are a fan of the sweets that bear the same name, this candy is a good choice for you.  Peanut, salty caramel, milk and dark chocolate. Together with the cake served a praline made from milk chocolate and peanut butter, and syrup from the coco seeds. To further dazzle you, the chef complements the dessert with a salty popcorn ice-cream and caramelized popcorn. Snickers cake as sweet as Selah Sue!

Jose James and Nate Smith

Jose James and Nate Smith are two of the most respected vocals of modern jazz musicians. Having in mind that both of them do sport, they opt for a healthy lunch full of proteins.

Sous vide pork fillet

Sous vide pork fillet is a favorite dish of men. Served with dried cherry tomato, crispy zucchinis, and onions, and added bean soup. Vegetable salad.

Every summer menu must have its star when it comes to main-course salads. Served marinated vegetables on a mildly bitter arugula cream with manchego cheese.

Pioneers of the London acid jazz scene, The Brand New Heavies, are a British musical institution, whose unique fusion of jazz, funk, and soul simply translates to pure hedonism. Energy spent on stage should be compensated by a proper lunch. They enjoyed the sweets most.

Combination served for the main course will surprise you and completely knock you off your feet.

An unexpected combination of gilt-head bream, onion kompot, plum dumplings, and creamy sauce with an accentuated red pepper (spice), is a revelation you will be thinking about even after you leave the Enso restaurant.

Forest cake.

An absolute spectacle served in an absolutely spectacular way! The flavors of lavender, basil, chocolate and hazelnut with a beetroot sorbet. This is on the top of the Forest cake.