Our weekend clubbing guide is bound to take you to the best parties and the finest crowds in town. Let’s see what’s going on this weekend in Belgrade.  

Friday – 13 September


Thursday 12th September – Day 1
David August | Paquita Gordon | Kristijan Molnar

Friday 13th September – Day 2
∆ stage: Laurent Garnier | Helena Hauff | R.O.S.H. | Ali Güney
§ stage: FJAAK | Orpheu The Wizard | 33.10.3402 | Aaska

Saturday 14th September – Day 3
∆ stage: Tale Of Us | Mathew Jonson | Tijana T | Runy | Akioki
§ stage: Skee Mask | Low Jack | Regen | SAUD

Sunday 15th September – Day 4
Moodymann | Tijana T | Brka | Phillie P


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Gigstix http://bit.ly/ApgradeFestivalGigstix

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Summit of the Non-Aligned / Samit Nesvrstanih

Summit of the Non-Aligned gathers skaters, artists, masons, and musicians. The Summit after which you will use the vibrant energy, pass it forward, and encourage yourself and others to do what they truly love.

Along with the street session which is the initial trigger for the festival occurrence, this year’s program is conceptualized with movie screenings, photography exhibitions, DIY and movie workshops. For the first time in Serbia, we finally have a festival showcasing the most up-to-date, and monumental skater’s art projects. The primary idea is to transfer knowledge and experience of every piece of skate culture to those which find skate as an inevitable part of their everyday life, but also to present this subculture to those who are experiencing it for the first time.

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Tropical Riddims at 20/44

Local DJs at the desk: Regis & Feloneezy

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VATRA • Garden of Drugstore

VATRA: Rap & RnB Spektakl

Live: NUMERO & Lil Rajm

+ Vatra DJs: Фake Casual, byp_, Inspektor, 50Grass

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Saturday – 14 September

Half pres. Bekfleš

Listen the most eccentric band Bekflesh from Novi Sad, Serbia!

Pre-sale tickets: 500 rsd at all GIGS TIX outlets.

Sound System: Funktion-One (Official)

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Be Good – Gillerz – Trole / KLUB 20/44

Nikola Dobricanin AKA Be Good
(Beat At Joe’s / Southern Soul Festival Montenegro / District Club)
Aleksandar Gilic Beat At Joe’s / District Club, Montenegro
Ivan Troskot AKA Trole (Boddy’n Balls), Resident of Club 20/44

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Lansiranje / Лансирање #04 – L A N S S S Gala

Dearest Earthlings, LANS Secret Society is honored to invite you to a gala evening that will take place and time during a full moon in Pisces. For the first time in history, we are opening the doors of our intergalactic trans-dimensional organization devoted to extending the limits of living experience and giving you the opportunity to become a member. As you enter our sacred halls, you will have no use of the knowledge you obtained in the outside world. You will find yourself in a labyrinth of your own making. Series of initiations and rituals are prepared to help you find the exit that launches you in to the otherworldly. Some of them will be conducted by Ostroga Mi, Lana Vee and Golden Orb. Indulge. Sacred (moving) images, sounds and objects by Aleksandar Lazar, Quam, Tisa Neža Kerlec (SLO) and Nina Kern (AUS) will be dispersed around the space. Immerse. Ana Jakšić (Tarotbejb) will open her deck for all your questions.

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Summer Trappin’ w/ Spejs Noksi, Yan Dusk, Viking Krew and more

Spejs Noksi (Zicer Inc.)

Yan Dusk (Zicer Inc.)

Viking Krew

Summer Deaths (Zicer Inc.)

XoXoRade (F.A.M)

+ special guest from Canada
King Diamond Tut aka Ghost Of Mizery
(From the group BABYLON WARCHILD, Formerly known as Unknown Mizery)

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Warm up yourself at DIMLIFTZaokret and Ljubimac bars in Cetinjska bar district.

On Sunday drop by Przionica in Dobracina to catch some Sunday beats and grab a cup of the strongest coffee in town.

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