Our weekend clubbing guide is bound to take you to the best parties and the finest crowds in town. Let’s see what’s going on this weekend in Belgrade.

On Friday 31.08. 20/44 boat is hosting Inga Mauer from Hivern Discs and Futura labels & Vitanov from Yes and Beyond House collectives. Party starts at 11 pm. Join FB event here. Admission fee: 400 RSD

For lots of touring DJs, travel is something to be endured, a means to an end. But for the Russian DJ Inga Mauer, travel is something to be embraced and to be influenced by. She hosts a show called Bon Voyage for Radio Cómeme, and on each episode she compiles a playlist with a particular place or person in mind. (She dedicated her first show to the 19th century Russian explorer Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay, and she’s talked proudly about having no fixed address.) Bon Voyage spans an impressively vast range of styles, but Mauer seems particularly drawn to a lineage of industrial, EBM, new wave and techno. Her tastes were shaped growing up in isolation in a remote Russian village. She became a dedicated follower of Bunker Records, Cybernetic Broadcasting System (which later became Intergalactic.fm) and other outlets for leftfield electronic music. This made her a good fit for Stackenschneider (or Stacken, as it’s known locally), the tiny club in St. Petersburg where Mauer became a resident DJ and began honing her craft. By 2016, word of her talents had spread and Mauer was travelling regularly, playing at highly respected clubs like Berghain, De School, Nitsa, OHM and Kaiku. It also helped that after years spent working away in the studio she put out her first release, From Cologne To Clone, six grinding machine jams for the Hivern Discs sub-label HVNX. Next week, she’ll follow it up with an excellent 12-inch for Shtum, further fuelling the sense that Mauer is destined for big things.

On the same night Drugstore Garden is hosting a party called Goodlife 7. This huge party will present several local collectives. Follow FB event here. Admission fee: 500 RSD





On Saturday 01.09.  you can catch Concrete DJz & Kristina Lalic at the Drugstore Garden.

Last time CONCRETE DJz played in the garden, a month ago (and with Sugar Lobby), videos of early morning mayhem we all witnessed flooded the interwebz.

Line up:
– Luka Concrete
– Bojan Vukmirovic
Kristina Lalic

We are talking about the crew that has been a part of the local scene since 1997 although they count 2003 as the year of their official forming. This time, Luka and Bojan’s guest will be Kristina Lalic and we expect nothing less. Her active involvement in the electronic music scene started in 2009, developing her DJ skills by playing regular DJ sets at local nightclubs around the city.

Techno all night long!
Follow FB event here.
200 RSD before midnight / 400 RSD after

Don’t forget that a new raft Kucica is open across Belgrade Fair (floating clubs Lasta and Leto are right next to it), where you can also enjoy your Sunday afternoon (from 6 pm) while drinking cocktails and catching sunset.