Our weekend clubbing guide is bound to take you to the best parties and the finest crowds in town. Let’s see what’s going on this weekend in Belgrade. 

On Friday, March 15th drop by KC Grad in Brace Krsmanovica Street.

Music Reactions crew is back in the heart of Belgrade’s Savamala district, hosting an event in Kulturni centar GRAD. Their guest will be the talented HIS DARK Elements aficionado Pablo Diskko! Besides him you’ll have a chance to hear Чорбика / Chorbika and Music Reactions resident RAR.

Tickets: 500 RSD


On the same night Belgrade Philharmonic is organizing Late Night Classic After party Vol.4 at Taman from 11 pm. Cellist Maja Bogdanovic aka Celistkinja will be in charge for the music selection, followed by a live performance by Daniel Roland. Follow FB event.

On Saturday (March 16th), come to listen to Mehmet Aslan at Zalet festival promo night at Drugstore. Tickets: 500 RSD

Follow FB event.


Mehmet Aslan (CH)
Чорбика / Chorbika

Deterdžentlmen Didi
Tobić Tobić didžej mladih
Skreč majstor Ljuban

Warm up yourself at DIM bar in Cetinjska Street. Follow FB event here.

THU Schwabe
FRI Vlada Janjić
SAT Ali Güney
SUN 33.10.3402

Drop by Sunday brunch from 3 pm.