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Our weekend clubbing guide is bound to take you to the best parties and the finest crowds in town. Let’s see what’s going on this weekend in Belgrade.  

Thursday – 15 August

Envélope Cruz at Dim

Belgrade | Paris quartet. Envélope Cruz explores extraterrestrial ambient / drone / dub / electronic soundscapes using a custom built max msp / jitter / vuo / audio | light | video system.

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Friday – 16 August

Lira Vega, acoustic concert at KC Grad

The Lira Vega band will perform on Friday, August 16 at the Garden of the KC Grad. This will be an acoustic performance of songs from the first three albums – Lira Vega (2004), Happiness and Love (2009), Spirits (2015), as well as the premiere of several new songs from an emerging album, called “The Consequences of Work”.

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Julianna (CO), Nikola Vemić, Nevena Jeremić at Drugstore

Julianna belongs to the third waves of DJs to emerge from Colombia’s Medellin. As an active participant in the local scene since 2007, she is a part of the Move posse and co-founder of Doce, Medellín’s only record store specialized in electronic music. With Nótt collective, Julianna pushes the role of women in the Latin American electronic music scene. As a DJ she has developed her capacity of mutability, adapting to different moments of the night, always with risky proposals that go across genre borders.

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Saturday – 17 August

BANDA PANDA : Johana & Lile at 20/44

Banda Panda crew is taking over the boat for an all night long ride. Banda Panda is Belgrade based DJ duo – Johana & Dusan Lilic. This duo has been performing together since 2010. They have been organising two party series Bipolar and F-Society in Belgrade. Their sets are a relentless whirlpool of sluggish techno and gloomy disco, sprinkled with that good old acid glitter.

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Steven Julien (Funkineven), Leo Pol, Igor Jadranin at Drugstore

Funkineven (Steven Julien) is no stranger to groove. Over the past few years, the London native has grown to become one of the UK’s finest electronic musicians; a skilled and soulful technician whether perched behind a pair of decks or a sequencer. Steven released his debut EP with Eglo Records back in 2009, which ushered in a more mature chapter. Two years later, he founded Apron Records. French producer Leo Pol is known for conjuring insatiable grooves. At only 28 years old, Leo-Pol Poirel has already been practicing electronic music for over a decade and gained an impressive array of titles; label boss, resident of one of the most renowned clubs in the world, multidisciplinary producer. It was back in 2015 when he released an anonymous EP on his label Unille which really put his name on the map.

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Sanday – 18 August

Port/Starboard 005 : Improv live acts & soundscapes at Club 20/44

Inspired by nautical terms for the left and right side of the ship, we are launching Port / Starboard series of Sunday matinee events through which yet again we will try to re-measure the boundaries of the club’s sonic environment. The P/SB series is developed as a crossroad, in fact a place where musicians and artistic experimenters get together from all the different frequencies of the acoustic and visual field. We materialize this concept through the binary format of the evening: Port segment (20-23h) is dedicated to musical performances, specific in situ interventions, immersive soundscapes ambience and marginal areas of avant-garde sound. Starboard part (after 23h) consists of dj sets, always individual, as well as danceable, sonic escapades in the experimental hinterland of electronic music unbound by genre and tempo.

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16 – 17 August, Color Your Mind Festival

Holi is an ancient religious Hindu festival, originally from India. It is predominantly celebrated in India and Nepal, but has spread to other parts of Asia and certain parts of the Western world. Holly is known as the Flower Festival, the Color Festival or the Festival of Love. The holiday celebrates the coming of spring, the end of winter, the birth of new love, and for many people it is a day to play and laugh, make new acquaintances, forgive and forget. The festival also celebrates the start of a good spring harvest. It starts on “Full Moon Day” and lasts twenty-four hours. Color your mind festval will be held this weekend on Friday and Saturday starting from 6pm till 2am.

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15 – 18 August, Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer Fest will have a very rich music program: more than 120 concerts on four stages with a few surprises. As of this year, the festival is part of a new festival platform – Cloud Festivals, which brings together three festivals, Beer Fest, Belgrade Music Week and Music Night. Line up includes names such as The Smiths guitarist Johnny Mar, Zion Train, Artan Lili, Majke, Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, Marko Louis, Kerber, Eyesburn, Crazy Town X, Sharks, Snakes and Planes, Bjesovi, Električni orgazam, Orthodox Celts, Negative, splitski reper Vojko V, bend Brkovi, Johnny Ranković, Bilja Krstić, YU Grupa, Magnifico, Damir Urban, crnogorski bend Perper, Dejan Cukić, Bombaj štampa, Blaža i Kljunovi, Tap 011, Elemental…

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Warm up yourself at DIMLIFTZaokret and Ljubimac bars in Cetinjska bar district.

On Sunday drop by Przionica in Dobracina to catch some Sunday beats and grab a cup of the strongest coffee in town.

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