In  downtown Belgrade, just off the famous “Gotham” like Palas of Albania stands Zla Shtek streetwear shop that tends to gather a cool local crowd from street and graffiti artists,  skateboarders, clubbers to hip hop musicians and DJs. It’s a place for shopping but also catching some good vibes and music. 

The shops offer a wide range of streetwear from the newest X-Zla Collection starting from print T-shirts, hoodies and baggy pants to accessories.  Check out some models here:

zla shtek street wear

zla shtek street wear

zla shtek street wear

Zla shtek as a well established Serbian brand additionally offers the best and widest selection of smoking accessories in the Eastern Europe, starting from roll papers to hooks, bongs, pipes, high quality tobacco, grow equipment for internal and external cultivation of plants and many other interesting items.



Check it out here

Location:  Underground passage”Palata Albanija” BB, Lokal 3, Belgrade 11000