Whiskey Fair announces its second edition on November 25 & 26 at Dorcol Platz. This year too, all the whiskey lovers, as well as other hedonists, will have the opportunity to enjoy the second Whiskey Fair in Belgrade. In addition to tasting offer that includes over 60 types of whiskey, which will be found in one place, the rich program of the fair will introduce the history and culture of this excellent beverage!

As last year, eminent connoisseurs (professionals) through lectures and workshops will introduce all interested people with history, differences among whiskey types and explain how to use the maximum from each glass of whiskey. This year’s whiskey fair is located in the urban zone of Lower Dorcol, and everyone who wants to be a part of this event can join. The central event will take place during the weekend – November 25 and 26 in Dorcol Platz, and workshops and lectures will be held in the premises of the well-known Dobračina street entertainment zone.

Each visitor will be able, together with the organizer, to participate in a charity contribution through the purchase of the Whiskey Fair glasses, which have become the trademark of this exciting fair.