We are happy to present ZLA Shtek, an original and rather successful Serbian brand. At the beginning of the 90s the locals faced an issue of limited offer of quality tobacco roll paper. 10 Years later  ZLA shop was founded and started to distribute quality European tobacco roll paper with filter tips and that is how ZLA mania started all over Belgrade.

In the year 2004 Zla introduced the first roll paper with filter tips made in Serbia called “ZLA”.  Assisted by local designers there’s many types of ZLA’s on the market, such as: TripDeLuxe, Calipso slim, Choco slim (4the finest Morrocan chocolate), Rasta slim, Bug De Luxe, Eco Slim, Game Over, Belgrade shades of Gray with rather conspicuous looks.

belgrade shades of gray

ZLA shtek smart shop offers variety of products ranging from tobacco roll paper, cigars, cigarillos, rolling machines, blunts and wraps, pipes, bongs and stashes to other kinds of bits and bobs such as cigarette holders, air freshener, scales, electronic cigarettes, etc. ZLA produces their own limited edition fashion collection inspired by their brand. You can purchase T-shirts, bags, sweat shirts, tracksuits and similar clothing items for girls, boys and children. Their collection managed to make their way onto the catwalks at Belgrade Fashion Week in 2014.


Shop is well hidden inside the venue that looks like a squat, but in the downtown of Belgrade. Stairs, graffiti, metal grids, music which can be heard from the shop that appears like those from London’s Camden town. There inside there is a dream of every smoker coming true, a bunch of different types of tobacco and rolling papers. You can come to this place to buy something or just chill on the chairs outside, roll your tobacco with ease and peace of mind and enjoy some positive vibe and cool music.


T.C. SREMSKA, in Marshala Birjuzova 2-4, II floor, close to Zeleni Venac and Knez Mihajlova street

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